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The Game in Photos: BC vs. BU

Senior forward David Cotton chases the puck, evading BU junior defenseman Cam Crotty. (Molly Bankert / Heights Staff)

Senior defenseman Luke McInnis defends the puck from two BU forwards. (Molly Bankert / Heights Staff)

Cotton attempts to skate around Crotty. (Molly Blanket / Heights Staff)

BC players gather around junior forward Aapeli Räsänen after he experiences an injury mid-game. (Jess Rivilis / Heights Editor)

Newly appointed head football coach Jeff Hafley speaks to the audience during intermission. (Jess Rivilis / Heights Editor)

Freshman goalie Spencer Knight gloves the puck after a shot on goal by BU. (Molly Bankert / Heights Staff)

Knight, BC freshman defenseman Drew Helleson, and BU senior forward Patrick Curry look on in anticipation of the puck approaching the goal. (Molly Bankert / Heights Staff)

BC players embrace in celebration following a goal that set them ahead of BU. (Jess Rivilis / Heights Editor)

BC players high-five fans as they exit Kelley Rink following their victory. (Jess Rivilis / Heights Editor)

Curated by Maggie DiPatri, Ikram Ali, and Jess Rivilis (Heights Editors)

January 21, 2020