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iEdit: Maggie DiPatri Plays Moody Tunes on Repeat

When Maggie forced me to write this, I knew exactly what would be on her playlist before she even sent it to me. Maggie has a very particular taste in music, but once she finds a song she likes, she plays it constantly. As Maggie’s roommate, I have to bear the never-ending sounds of Rex Orange County, Yung Gravy, and any given TikTok-famous song on a daily basis.

The playlist starts with a knock-off Coldplay song called “Yamaha” by Delta Spirit, which is something that you might hear at a millennial megachurch’s Sunday concert service. I was a little worried for the rest of the playlist, but I was relieved that she included Harry Styles’ “Cherry”—setting a sad, melancholic tone for the next couple of songs: “10/10” by Rex Orange County and “Seasonal Depression” by mxmtoon. The choice of “The Middle” by Jimmy Eat World as a mid-playlist song seemed on the nose, and it was a relief after the cry fest that was the first four songs on the list. Maggie followed “The Middle” with another motivational bop—Paramore’s “Hard Times.” Things finally started looking up for Maggie’s emotional state with the dance tunes “Video Killed the Radio Star” and “Marlboro Nights.” Next was “Gravy Train” By Yung Gravy, which came as no surprise because, on many occasions, Maggie has said, “I would marry Yung Gravy!” The playlist concludes with “Goodbye Stranger,” a very fitting selection. 

This playlist holds many fond memories of my time as Maggie’s roommate. Hopefully you, stranger, will like it too. 

Featured Image by Spotify

January 26, 2020

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