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Dance Organization of Boston College is ‘Limitless’ in Talent

If the sky’s the limit, the Dance Organization of Boston College (DOBC) hasn’t seemed to notice. The group’s biggest show of the year, Limitless, kicked off Friday night in Robsham Theater, with an additional performance on Saturday. Throughout the evening, the audience was kept on its toes by DOBC’s spellbinding routines and the event’s dramatic displays of lighting and music. 

Each performance was choreographed by a member of DOBC. Before every dance, the respective choreographers introduced themselves and explained the meaning of their routines, adding a uniquely personal dimension to the event.

The opening dance, “All For Us,” was set to Labrinth’s song of the same name. Choreographer Becky Huryk, MCAS ’20, explained that “All For Us” is about discovering yourself during difficult times. The piece began with the dancers lying on the floor in the dark as a pink backdrop glowed behind them. As the song gained momentum, the dancers launched into leaps, and strobe lights flickered as the beat dropped. The focal point of the piece was a complex lift in which one dancer climbed the backs of the others before leaping into their arms. 

The mood relaxed with “Ain’t My Fault,” a sassy jazz number choreographed by Emmy Tolsdorf, MCAS ’21 and set to Zara Larsson’s song of the same name. The routine’s message centered around ignoring the expectations of others. For this dance, the dancers strutted around the stage in red shorts and black tops. The upbeat dance incorporated impressive lifts that set a high bar for the rest of the show.

Approaching intermission, choreographers Madison Choo, CSOM ’20, and Jenny Clark, MCAS ’20, introduced their dance, “Business as Usual,” during which the audience was treated to a surprise appearance by Sexual Chocolate. After a brief performance by the all-male step team, F.I.S.T.S. arrived and performed its own dance. Sexual Chocolate reentered, and the two groups had a dance battle to settle once and for all who the best step group is. As the dance battle broke into a staged fight, the girls from DOBC arrived and questioned why the other two groups were at their show to begin with. The argument was resolved as the three groups merged into one routine.

Then it was indeed back to “Business as Usual.” The lights came up to reveal the members of DOBC, this time wearing leggings, unbuttoned collared shirts, and—most impressively—heels. A medley of songs played during the performance that included “Tik Tok” by Kesha and “6 Inch” by Beyoncé and The Weeknd. Each dancer used a chair as a prop during the routine, holding the audience’s attention as they flipped their hair in sync and demonstrated their floorwork in front of a red background. 

The show was then joined by a fourth dance group, Synergy, which performed a fast-paced mini-routine with an alien theme to songs that included “Space Jam” by Quad City DJ’s. Dressed in all black, the members of DOBC then joined them for a slower and more fluid hip-hop dance to “Skin” by Rihanna.

As the evening came to a close, the seniors of DOBC performed their own final dance to “River” by Emeli Sandé. The emotional, lyrical piece allowed the dancers to demonstrate their individual talents. The piece ended with the seniors holding hands as the lights faded to black.

The show concluded with a finale bearing the title of the show, “Limitless,” choreographed by the officers of DOBC. All the dancers joined the stage in red tops and black leggings for a high-energy finish. The routine featured the songs “Unstoppable” by Sia, “Wings” by Little Mix, and, of course, “Limitless” by Jennifer Lopez. One by one, dancers from each year stepped into the spotlight to display their talents. The powerful finale demonstrated the coordination and skill of the dancers, and as the members of DOBC left the stage smiling and cheering, the audience members got on their feet to do the same.

Featured Image by Leo Wang / Heights Staff

February 2, 2020

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