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Taiyaki NYC’s Photogenic Ice Cream and Waffles

Just moments away from the Seaport’s bustling commercial pier lies a hidden gem: Taiyaki NYC. The chain, based in New York City, opened a new location in the Seaport in April 2019. Despite the cold of a Boston winter—going out for ice cream is not the most immediate, obvious choice for an evening activity—Taiyaki welcomes customers in with a relaxed storefront indicative of the helpfulness and patience of the staff. A bit pricey (but absolutely worth it), Taiyaki NYC brings fun Japanese treats to the Seaport.

The philosophy of Taiyaki promises a rewarding, fulfilling experience for the customer. Taiyaki waffles, shaped like fish, are freshly made at each location, and the soft-serve ice cream is churned in small batches to ensure quality, according to the restaurant’s website

Priced at $8, Taiyaki’s signature ice cream caters to all audiences with both classic flavors—such as vanilla or chocolate—and exotic flavors such as matcha or mango. Instead of choosing one of these flavors, patrons can also choose to build their own treat. First, customers can choose a cone with either adzuki (red bean) or custard filling. Next, they can pick from a variety of ice cream flavors to fill their cone. In addition to the aforementioned flavors, Taiyaki also serves strawberry- and hōjicha-flavored ice cream. The custard cone is fluffy and soft unlike a traditional waffle ice cream cone. Should you opt for a waffle cone, though, it’s priced at a respectable $6, and just a cup costs $5. 

A Taiyaki signature, “The Choco-Lit,” is chocolate ice cream dusted with chocolate powder and smothered with chocolate syrup. The creaminess and richness of the ice cream explodes in your mouth. It’s overpowering—this dessert can definitely satisfy a chocoholic’s craving. With two free toppings included in the price of the treat—and additional ones priced at 50 cents each—sprinkles, Oreo dust, graham cracker crumbs, wafer sticks, and miniature rainbow mochi pieces decorate and make the dessert worthy of its very own Instagram post.

In addition to serving ice cream, Taiyaki offers some signature beverages, such as matcha. All drinks can be served either hot for $4 or cold for $5 to $6. Taiyaki also offers vegan alternatives to whole milk such as almond, oat, or soy milk. For $10, the unicorn float comes with a lactose-free taro slush and an inflatable unicorn drink holder.

With its unicorn drinks and picture-perfect ice cream, everything Taiyaki has to offer is both delicious and perfectly suited to a social media generation.

Featured Image by Ben Chieng/for The Heights

February 2, 2020