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Letter from the Editor: As BC Closes, ‘The Heights’ Continues Reporting

Boston College has made the decision to cancel all in-person classes and require students to move out of their residence halls by tonight. Students are facing uncertainty about housing and the status of events that were planned for the end of the year, such as Commencement. Staff and professors have opened their homes for students who cannot get home.

The health of students, staff, and everybody else in the Boston College community is the priority. Our goal, as a news organization, is to report and keep people informed, as best we can.

The Heights has decided that this will be our last print issue of the semester. We will, however, be continuing to deliver the same level of reporting we always do, as editors and writers transition to life away from BC for the next few months. 

The newsroom is never empty during the academic year. Our entire editorial board comes in at noon on Sunday and stays all night (more realistically, into the early mornings) in order to get the paper printed and delivered on Monday. 

But, for the first time in a long time, our office will be empty. With the cancellation of classes and requirement to move out of the dorms, most of our editors will find themselves traveling back home. 

Our coverage of Boston College will not stop. We will continue to report on the University—follow-up stories to this unprecedented decision, stories like the tuition increase that come out every year, and whatever else will demand that we all pay attention, no matter where we may be. 

Our website will be updated constantly with new articles, our social media feeds will be kept fresh, and our newsletter will be delivered to your inbox every Tuesday and Friday, same as always. We will honor our commitment to you to keep at it, and we will do the best we can to report remotely. 

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We want to hear from you. We want to hear what questions you have, what you’re concerned about as you head home, and what you think we’re missing. Our Facebook and Twitter messages are open, and you can email us at [email protected].

We will be working to adapt to this changing situation as best as we can. The Heights will do its best to keep the BC community informed, no matter where its members may be. 


Colleen Martin

Editor-in-Chief, President

March 15, 2020