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BC Unable to Debut App For Testing and Symptom Reporting in Time for Move-In

Boston College was unable to complete testing for the CoVerified app, which it had planned to use to schedule COVID-19 testing appointments, in time for students’ arrival on campus. The University will be switching to walk-in appointments for the week of Aug. 17, according to an email from Vice President of Student Affairs Joy Moore.

Moore said that the app, which would also be used to view test results and self-report symptoms, should be available later in the month.

The University had promoted the creation of the app throughout the summer as one of the ways it planned to keep students, faculty, and staff safe when they return to BC. 

Moore did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

BC has continued with its plans for students to return to campus as various colleges and universities that originally planned to welcome students back have reversed course and moved fully online in recent weeks.

The College of the Holy Cross moved online last week, citing potential delays in receiving test results from the Broad Institute, a Cambridge-based company that BC and other colleges are partnering with to test students. The institute said on Twitter Monday that it had processed more than 500,000 tests with an average turnaround time under 24 hours and that it does not anticipate delays in testing.

Testing for the week of Aug. 17, which is now based on walk-in appointments, will focus on faculty, staff, and undergraduate students arriving early or working on campus. Testing for the week of Aug. 24 will be focused on the rest of the undergraduate population. On-campus students arriving the week of Aug. 24 will be tested at a time coinciding with their move-in time, and off-campus students will be tested on a walk-in basis, the email said. 

In line with the original plan, students will receive a wristband after their tests. Moore’s email asked students to wear these wristbands through Sept. 11.

Students moving in the week of Aug. 17 have already scheduled move-in times, which were supposed to coincide with their appointment. A previous email from Moore stated that students will not be allowed to move on campus without taking a test, though the new email did not say when students moving in early should be tested with respect to their move-in dates.

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A previous headline for this article incorrectly stated the app would not be ready in time for the fall semester, not move-in. Moore said the app is scheduled to be finished by the end of the month, and the semester begins Aug. 31. 

August 15, 2020