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Telegdy: Is It Time To Cry?

The answer is probably yes. In these “unprecedented times” emotions are running high. For me, when my “emotional motion sickness,” in the great words of Phoebe Bridgers, is getting out of control, I tend to turn to music. Because there is almost always a song and a songwriter that captures exactly how I’m feeling a thousand times better than I ever could. These are the five songs I have most recently cried to, and all for different reasons. They all bring up various emotions but are all valid options for a good cry. Next time you need to let off some emotional steam, consider listening to the following.   


“Glue” –  Nat and Alex Wolff

Nat and Alex Wolff, previously known as The Naked Brothers Band, have been one of my favorite bands for the past couple of years. After they completely changed their sound with their 2017 album Public Places, they’ve been creating super interesting alternative music while keeping some of their pop sound with ultra catchy choruses. This song isn’t really sad by any means, but after listening to the first 10 seconds I immediately began to cry. Something about their sound is nostalgic in the most amazing way. Not to mention the album cover is a bunch of friends in a bathroom and I think my quarantine blues was getting to me. 

When to listen: When you’re missing your friends. 

Cry-ability: 5/10

Overall song: 9/10 


“Jonathan” – Annie DiRusso

Annie DiRusso makes me question what I’m doing with my life. Every single she puts out is better than the last and I’m very impatiently waiting for an album. The way she brings elements of country and folk to her indie music literally makes my heart warm. “Jonathan” is so beautiful and painful in the way it truly examines the aftermath of a relationship. If you want to be sucker-punched into your feels, listen to “Don’t Swerve,” then “Jonathan,” and finish it off with “Gone” and you’ll cry like a baby. 

When to listen: Thinking about your middle school crush.

Cry-ability: 7.5/10

Overall song: 8.5/10 


“Loose Ends” – Loyle Carner and Jorja Smith

First off, Not Waving, But Drowning is one of the most cry-able albums out there, hip-hop with a jazz influence that will make you question every decision you’ve ever made. “Loose Ends,” however, holds a very special place in my heart. The blend of Jorja Smith and Loyle Carner’s angelic voices creates a literal full course meal for your ears. Whenever I leave somewhere or someone this song is playing. For some reason, despite the emotional and objectively sad lyrics, there’s so much hope in this song.  

When to listen: Missing your friends or when something comes to an end.

Cry-ability: 9.5/10

Overall song: 9.5/10


“Charlie” – Mallrat

Mallrat might literally be the only reason I would ever go to Australia. I would risk the spiders and sharks to get to see her perform this song live. This song has everything; broken homes, coffee, and dream inception. The lyrics of this song are amazing and her voice makes me wish I had a beautiful Australian accent. “But when did I start taking her advice, I raised myself and that’s alright”—enough said. This song is beautiful and I can’t wait for her first full-length album 

When to listen: Still not being over your parent’s divorce or when you’re manifesting yourself into someone’s dreams.

Cry-ability: 8/10

Overall song: 9.5/10 


“Dancing On My Own” – Robyn

Finally, the song. Ranked the 3rd best song of the 2010s by Pitchfork, this truly is one of the most iconic songs of all time. I love this song for so many reasons. First off, listening to this song makes you feel like the main character. I feel like this song is in every movie and TV show I’ve ever watched, but maybe I subconsciously put it in the soundtrack because it deserves to be in every soundtrack. If you say you don’t like this song you’re lying to yourself. Next time you’re walking back home (preferably at night, it has more power when it’s dark outside) put in your headphones and turn the volume all the way up! Feel the power and literally reach nirvana.   

When to listen: Walking home at night with headphones in while thinking about life or when it’s time to feel like the main character.

Cry-ability: 10/10

Overall song: 10/10 


Honorable Mentions: 

“Over-the-ocean Call” – Lizzy McAlpine

“Writer in the Dark” – Lorde

“Dear Friend,” – Dayglow  

“White Ferrari” – Frank Ocean 

“Drive (Los Angeles)” – Lolawolf 

“Loud Places” – Jamie xx

“On Melancholy Hill” – Gorillaz 

“I Will Always Think of You” – Jane Krakowski and Colman Domingo 

Graphic by Allyson Mozeliak / Heights Editor 

September 14, 2020