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Sevyn Steeter Can’t Commit in “HMU” Music Video

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


In her latest music video for her song “HMU,” Sevyn Streeter elevates her artistry for a new era of music. “HMU” is her debut single for 2020, and a clear change of pace from her last single, “Whatchusay.” The music video is full of seamless transitions between a local deli, a beach at sunset, and a more ambiguous, imaginative play on a home. Where the sets almost fall short, Streeter makes up for it through other enticing visual effects and a stunning wardrobe. 

Streeter recites a poetic monologue as the first close-up shot of the singer is revealed. Then, fuchsia lighting illuminates Streeter’s already glowing skin, and so begins her fantasy. Her eyes pierce the camera for just a few seconds, luring in and enchanting viewers at the same time. 

“HMU” details Streeter’s struggle to avoid developing deeper feelings in a casual relationship. Despite being somewhat unsure and frustrated, Streeter exudes confidence and assertiveness in the lyrics. Over an upbeat tempo, she sings, “I was ’bout my business, until my heart fell in it / Hit me up.” 

Her self-assured attitude in the song is mirrored well in the music video with sharp yet smooth dancing. Despite having a male companion in several scenes, all of Streeter’s choreography is solo, and most features direct eye contact with the camera. 

The video follows Streeter and a male partner as they indulge in a lustful romance. The combination of the song and its dreamy music video brings edgy pop and traditional R&B together, further displaying Streeter’s chops as a well-rounded artist.

Streeter’s last full-length project arrived in 2017. Although she has released various singles in the interim, “HMU” is tied to a larger project to come, as she teased on Twitter. Even the closing five seconds of the “HMU” music video hints at a transition to another setting, one where Streeter sashays across an intricately tiled floor in regal attire. 

Photo Courtesy of Interscope Records

September 21, 2020