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Mariah Carey Releases Concert Video to Coincide With Album Drop

At almost an hour and a half long, the latest addition to Mariah Carey’s YouTube channel isn’t your average music video—rather, it’s a livestream recording of her 1996 Daydream concert in Tokyo. The livestream coincided with the release of Carey’s compilation album, The Rarities, which debuted on the same day.

Like the superstar she is, Carey began the concert by arriving on stage in an elevator-like contraption, and without skipping a beat, she dove right into her 1991 hit “Emotions,” and yes, she did hit all five octaves. In her live performance, she sounded exactly like the studio recording—a rare gift that few artists today have. 

After a brief pause to change into an all-white outfit, she sang her dance-pop, R&B hit “Fantasy,” which made the live audience go crazy and of course, the YouTube audience as well. Comments dashed across the screen, with many lambs—the name for Carey’s biggest fans—proclaiming their undying love for the star. Some sent hearts, some sent a long line of exclamation marks, and some just reiterated how talented she is. For those who tuned in live, this is likely when the realization hit: This stream is the closest thing to seeing Carey in concert right now.

The Billboard chart-topping singer went on to raise the energy in the Tokyo Dome when she sang “Always Be My Baby,” one of her very best pieces. Boyz II Men made a surprise appearance when they were projected on a screen to sing their duet “One Sweet Day.” The harmonizing of Boyz II Men and Carey’s five-octave voice is a showstopping combination. 

Giving off tasteful Audrey Hepburn vibes, Mimi went on to sing her rendition of Harry Nilsson’s “Without You,” delivered with so much passion that it silenced the audience for the duration of the song. She then brought out a choir to sing backup to the bouncy and uplifting hit “Make It Happen” from her 1991 album Emotions.

Then, just when it seemed like there were no more surprises, Carey performed a powerful version of The S.O.S Band’s 1983 hit “Just Be Good to Me,” which is accompanied by a striking electric guitar. Wearing a pair of sunglasses and baggy clothing, her near-whistle voice brought a pleasant twist to the rendition. 

Continuing to prove that she is the queen of outfit changes, Carey donned a black dress to sing “Vision of Love,” her elegance matching her unwavering falsetto voice, before singing “Hero” from 1993’s Music Box.

Of course, Carey could not end her performance without singing her holiday favorite, “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” before her grand exit. Only Carey could get people in the Christmas spirit before celebrating Halloween.

Featured image courtesy of Columbia Records

October 6, 2020

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