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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: 10/20

Thumbs Up

  • The Leaves!
    • Around this time every year, the Northeast looks like a giant stop sign in the best way possible. It’s so stunning. There are also super great piles in which to stomp your mid-semester stress out. Plus, you really can’t beat that nice crunchy sound
  • Patagonia Season
    • Like the Northeast resembles a stop sign this time of year, Fulton resembles an army— an army of gray Patagonias. As one CSOM friend put it, “If everyone in a Patagonia at BC got together, we’d have enough people to storm the Vatican.” Indeed. They are super comfy and warm, so points for that.

Thumbs Down

  • People Who Don’t Like Candy Corn
    • This thumbs down is kind of a double negative—apologies to our copy team. That being said, candy corn is literally honey-flavored nostalgia. Anyone who doesn’t like it clearly just didn’t have the proper amount of Halloween cheer as a kid. For 21+ readers, try soaking candy corn in vodka and then adding pineapple juice or club soda. You’re welcome.
  • Phone Sticker Wallets
    • Yes, those things we all have on the back of our phones. They’re ungodly annoying and single-handedly ruining the plastic coating on all my cards. But they’re just so convenient, you can’t live without them. I’m convinced that the secret society that keeps pockets out of women’s clothing has an arrangement with whoever makes these guys.

Featured Graphic by Allyson Mozeliak / Heights Editor

October 20, 2020