EagleApps to Replace UIS for Course Registration

EagleApps, a new university information system with a modern user interface, will replace University Internal Services (UIS) as the platform where students register for courses later this spring, according to an email sent from the Office of Student Services on Wednesday.

Course registration for the fall semester will begin on May 27, according to the email. This year’s May date is later than course registration in past years, which is typically in April.

EagleApps, which will be available through the Agora Portal, will give students the opportunity to create two different academic plans for a semester, with up to 10 courses each in order of priority, beginning on April 19. After students create their plans, they can check if their courses meet certain corequisites and permission requirements. 

EagleApps will then assign students an appointment slot. If a student selected a course plan, when their appointment comes, the system will place students in classes based on their pre-planned selections in order of preference.

Students will use three modules in EagleApps to assist with the registration process: Course Search, Course Planning, and Registration.

Course Search, which will allow students to browse courses before their registration slot, is a more robust program compared to the existing Course Information and Schedule system on the Agora Portal, according to the email.

Course Planning will allow students to create their two plans. Registration will allow students to register for their courses during their appointment.

With EagleApps, students will be able to see which course selections were successful, and why any registration attempts were unsuccessful. 

Registration for undergraduate summer courses will open on April 7, according to the email. Fall Course Search will be open in EagleApps on April 13, while registration for fall courses for the classes of 2022, 2023, and 2024 will occur between May 27 and June 4.

Featured Graphic by Olivia Charbonneau / Heights Editor

March 10, 2021