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Surfaces, Walker Hayes, and LANCO Release Singles

“Wave of You” – Surfaces


Surfaces released “Wave of You,” the first single off their upcoming fourth album, on Friday.  The pop duo of Forrest Frank and Colin Padalecki found massive success with their beachy and groovy song “Sunday Best,” which has amassed over 630 million streams on Spotify. The good vibes the two Texas natives have become known for are again overflowing in “Wave of You,” which sounds like a perfect summer anthem meant to be blasted in the car. The album cover is classic Surfaces, as it features a minimalist wave and sunset colored by an array of pastel colors. At its core, the song is a sweet and heartfelt love song driven by a shimmery electric guitar and hip-hop-inspired beats. A chorus swells in the background, adding an elevated layer to the song. The harmonies and melodies bubble up and effortlessly flow together, and the lyrics perfectly fit the feeling of the music, as the pair sings, “I don’t know how I can be so drawn into you / I think I’m fallin’ in deep / I think I’m caught up in a wave of you.”

“Make You Cry” – Walker Hayes


Country music star Walker Hayes is one of the most talented songwriters in Nashville. The title of his latest song, “Make You Cry,” which was released on Friday, prepares the listener for a regret-filled, sad song, but Walker flips the title on its head and details the way he makes his wife cry for all the right reasons—such as with his marriage proposal.

“First Beer” LANCO


The country band LANCO released a new single Friday entitled “First Beer.” It marks the band’s second release of the year and features sentimental acoustic and electric guitars. The lyrics pull from classic country themes of nostalgia and drinking beer and give LANCO a good old-fashioned drinking song to add to its repertoire.

Photo Courtesy of Caroline Records

April 11, 2021