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Student Bands Shine at Quadstock Concert

Taking a twist on the annual Modstock event, the Campus Activities Board and Boston College Music Guild brought together some of BC’s most talented musicians for an in-person performance called Quadstock—hosted on the grassy lawn outside of the O’Neill Library. 

The beautiful weather was complemented by the sounds of live music coming from the O’Neill Quad on Saturday, where a stage was set up and socially distanced chairs were stationed for audience members. The evening consisted of three acts, each featuring performances from BC student musicians who performed covers of songs and even original pieces.

Act One began with Melissa Mao, MCAS ’23, opening the show by inviting the audience to sing along with her on “Dayman Song” from the television series It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. She then lent her agile and indie voice to a cover of “Skinned Knees” by Soccer Mommy. Mao then sang two original songs, one of which she said she finished just before the show began. 

Katelyn Ginley, MCAS ’23, covered “Electric Feel” by MGMT and “Toxic” by Britney Spears, adding a cool acoustic flair and impressive riffs to these pop performances. Ginley also sang an original song filled with contemplative lyrics such as “I would walk to you if I knew the way / I would tell you if I knew what you wanted me to say.” Following Ginley, Adrianne Goodfriend, MCAS ’23, brought life to her original songs, including her piece called “Into the Mystic,” with her jazz-tinged indie voice. To close out Act One, Riley Aquilano, MCAS ’22, brought his impressive guitar skills to his three unnamed original songs, which also showcased his falsetto vocals.

BC student bands Uncommonwealth and thefineprint. took the stage for Act Two. Uncommonwealth featured five band members and sang six songs, including covers of “Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song)” by Billy Joel and “Lonely Boy” by The Black Keys. The band finished out with its recent song “Phoenix from Mars,” which channels a cool alternative rock sound. 

The next half hour set of Act Two was thefineprint., an alternative rock duo of two BC graduate students. The duo’s performance incorporated pre-recorded segments of music played along with the live performance, creating a layered sound effect. The band’s eight-song set showcased impressive drumming and smooth vocals, and included its original song“(Don’t) Look My Way,” which was featured on the duo’s 2019 album Kites and Body Bags, and its latest single, “My Only Friend.” Although the single was released back in August, Quadstock was the duo’s first time performing it.

Sleepwalkers and Photo Negative closed out the show in Act Three. Sleepwalkers opened with a cover of “Come Together” by The Beatles and continued their set with their jazzy, light rock sound. In particular, the harmonies among the vocalists flowed together nicely with the chill vibe of the songs. Photo Negative’s set infused the quad with energy, with its alternative rock sound and outstanding saxophone, drums, guitar, and vocals. The band’s set included its songs “NBN,” “Modset,” “2 AM,” and “Whatever Floats Your Boat,” as well as a cover of Cheap Trick’s “Surrender” which ended by transitioning into a guitar solo of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana.

With students milling around the O’Neill quad while taking in these live performances, they enjoyed the sounds of live music coming from campus once again. After being unable to perform in live shows for so long because of the pandemic, it is clear the artists have not lost their talent for performing and their ability to captivate audiences.

Photos by Ikram Ali / Heights Editor

April 12, 2021