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Cody Lovaas, Jake Scott, and Kip Moore Drop Singles

“Rocket” – Cody Lovaas


Although just last month Cody Lovaas released his single “Flowers on the Freeway,” the Californian singer-songwriter released a new single titled “Rocket” on Friday. This love song follows in the thematic footsteps of “Flowers on the Freeway” and finds Lovaas singing to his significant other. In two beautifully written lines, he croons, “Cause I’d turn out my pockets and hand you my time / Tie my heart to a rocket, for as long as you’re mine.” The first half of the track features just Lovaas’ voice and a lone acoustic guitar. But as the track progresses, the production slowly builds. As Lovaas sings, “If someone breaks my heart, then I hope it’s you,” the drums and bass fade in, accompanied by synths and a dreamy electric guitar solo. “Rocket” concludes by circling back to the lonely acoustic guitar the song opened with, leaving the listener wondering what Lovaas will release next.

“Off” – Jake Scott


Los Angeles–based artist Jake Scott released a very vulnerable love song entitled “Off” on Friday. His first release of 2021 showcases some of his most honest lyrics yet. Backed by an electric guitar, Scott wonders, “Would you love me less if I’m not everything you thought? / If you really know me, would you walk? / What if I let the lights turn off?”

“Good Life” – Kip Moore


Kip Moore’s latest release, “Good Life,” is a classic upbeat and groovy country song. Released on Friday, this single is driven by crunchy electric guitars and finds the Georgia native reflecting on past troubles and unfortunate circumstances. After pouring over these experiences, Moore delivers his optimistic findings in the chorus: “I’m livin’ me a good life / I wouldn’t change it if I could life.”

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April 25, 2021

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