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Op-Ed: Faculty Advancing Racial Equity Endorsement

Following the recent wave of racist incidents on Boston College’s campus and an insufficient administrative response, some BC students have raised a question: “Where are the faculty?” Many BC faculty work individually and in existing groups to challenge racism on campus. A newly formed Faculty for Justice project called Faculty Advancing Racial Equity (FARE) commits to collaborating with student, faculty, and staff partners to establish clear and concrete actions aimed to disrupt and end patterns of racist behavior, identify and overturn white supremacist systems, and build new institutional and community structures that reflect true racial equity. 

The 168 undersigned BC faculty endorse FARE with the following mission: 

  • To acknowledge that a history of white supremacy has shaped many cultural norms and institutional policies and practices, and to commit personally to active, ongoing, and anti-racist work to subvert them. 
  • To formalize our own and University-wide support for students, faculty, and staff of color.
  • To craft justice-oriented, decolonized syllabi that offer equitable course policies.
  • To push “upward” within the University so as to persuade decision-makers to radically revise institutional policies and practices toward racial equity.
  • To center the perspectives of colleagues identifying as members of underrepresented communities, and to intervene if and when those perspectives are deprioritized. 

Faculty and staff are invited to join us, and students are encouraged to communicate ideas and priorities. Please email [email protected] to acknowledge your commitment to active participation and to view our full mission statement, as well as a working list of critical anti-racism resources for faculty and administrators. We thank our students for their input over the last year, and we commit to working over the summer to develop concrete plans so that we may all return to a more equitable environment in the fall. 

Endorsed by:

Hiba Hafiz, Boston College Law School

Eric Weiskott, English

M. Brinton Lykes, CDEP/Lynch and CHRIJ

Elizabeth Graver, English

Eileen Sweeney, Philosophy 

Laura E. Hake, Biology

Michael Russell, MESA

Suzanne Berne, English

Martin Summers, History/AADS

James M. Weiss, Theology and Capstone Program

Cynthia Lynn Lyerly, History

Patrick McQuillan, Lynch

Aurelia Campbell, Art, Art History, and Film

Paula Mathieu, English

Kevin Lotery, Art, Art History and Film

Hilary Palevsky, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Marla De Rosa, English

Eve Spangler, Sociology

Thomas Kaplan-Maxfield, English

Anjali Vats, Communication, and African and African Diaspora Studies

Can Erbil, Economics

Marilynn Johnson, History

Suzanne Matson, English

Mary Troxell, Philosophy

Lynn DiBenedetto, Biology

Ismael Ben Fofana, Biology

Sarah McMenamin, Biology

Andy Crow, English Department

Conevery Bolton Valencius, History

Yonder Moynihan Gillihan, Theology

Lori Harrison-Kahan, English

Mary Ann Hinsdale, IHM Theology

Mary Jo Iozzio, Ecclesiastical Faculty, School of Theology and Ministry

Katie Harster, Philosophy

Dacia Gentilella, English

Emrah Altindis, Biology

Christy Pottroff, English

Oliver Wunsch, Art, Art History, and Film

Stephanie C. Leone, Art, Art History, and Film

Robert Stanton, English

Robin Fleming, History

Michael Glass, History 

Kevin O’Neill, History

Virginia Reinburg, History

Kristen Bottema-Beutel, Lynch

Heather Olins, Biology

Régine Michelle Jean-Charles, Romance Languages and Literatures, and African and African Diaspora Studies

Ángeles Picone History

Ellen Goldstein, Mathematics

Anne Homza, TCS, and Lynch

Michele Lauriat, Art

Lauri Johnson, ELHE, and Lynch

Rebecca Lowenhaupt, ELHE, and Lynch

Laura O’Dwyer, MESA and Lynch

Cherie McGill, Philosophy

Jane Cassidy, Art, Art History, and Film

Angela Ards, English

Kalpana Seshadri, English

Christopher P. Kenaley, Biology

David Scanlon, TCS, Lynch 

Jon M. Wargo, TCS, Lynch 

C. Shawn McGuffey, African and African Diaspora Studies and Sociology

Andrés Castro Samayoa, ELHE, Lynch 

Tim van Opijnen, Biology 

Heather Rowan-Kenyon, ELHE, Lynch 

Welkin E. Johnson, Biology

David Burgess, Biology

Wen Fan, Sociology

Franziska Seraphim, History

Stacie Kent, History 

Karen K. Miller, History and African and African Diaspora Studies 

Hanne Eisenfeld, Classical Studies

Natalia Sarkisian, Sociology

Mariela Páez, TCS, Lynch 

Stephanie Stigliano, Art, Art History, and Film

Dayton Haskin, English

Andrew Jorgenson, Sociology and Environmental Studies 

Maggi Price, School of Social Work

Eric Folker, Biology

Elizabeth Sparks, Graduate Student Services

Charles R. Gallagher, S.J., History

Noah Snyder, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Danny Bowles, Eastern, Slavic, and German Studies

Allison Adair, English

Catherine M. Mooney, School of Theology and Ministry

Ernesto Valiente, School of Theology and Ministry

Laura Tanner, English

John Christianson, Psychology and Neuroscience

Mattitiyahu Zimbler, Psychology and Neuroscience

Kristina Moore, Psychology and Neuroscience

Andrea Heberlein, Psychology and Neuroscience

Elizabeth Kensinger, Psychology and Neuroscience

Sharon Beckman, Boston College Law School

Stacee Santos, Psychology and Neuroscience

Scott Slotnick, Psychology and Neuroscience

Emily Gates, MESA, Lynch 

Michael Graf, Physics

Sean MacEvoy, Psychology and Neuroscience

Michael A. McDannald, Psychology and Neuroscience

Brooke Magnus, Psychology & Neuroscience

Rebecca Dunn, Biology

Reena Parikh, Boston College Law School

Lisa Nelson, Biology

Emilie Clucas Leaderman, Woods College of Advancing Studies, Psychology and Neuroscience

Kevin Newmark, Romance Languages and Literatures

Seung Hee Jeon, Easter, Slavic, and German Studies

Stephen Pfohl, Sociology

Sandra Waddock, Carroll School of Management 

Hosffman Ospino, School of Theology and Ministry 

Paul Tremblay, Boston College Law School

Sara Cordes, Psychology & Neuroscience

Liane Young, Psychology & Neuroscience

Vladimir Ivkovic, Psychology & Neuroscience

Mary Holper, Boston College Law School

Daniel Daly, School of Theology and Ministry

Holly VandeWall, Philosophy

Yajun Mo, History

Daniela Urosa, Boston College Law School; Romance Languages and Literatures

Daniel Fox, Chemistry

Celeste Wells, Communication

Jennie Purnell, Political Science

Julia DeVoy, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Students and Programs, ERA First-Year Program Director, Lynch

Melissa Kelley, School of Theology and Ministry

Cal Halvorsen, School of Social Work

Audrey Friedman, TCS and UCTC, Lynch

Zygmunt Plater, Boston College Law School

Monica O’Reilly-Jacob, CSON

Sherri St. Pierre, CSON

Christina Matz, School of Social Work

Ethan Baxter, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Thomas Crea, Global Practice, School of Social Work

Rocío Calvo, Latinx Leadership Initiative, School of Social Work 

Tara Pisani Gareau, Environmental Studies & Earth and Environmental Sciences

Dunwei Wang, Chemistry

Nate Hartmann, Chemistry

Melissa Brown, School of Social Work

Angie Johnston, Psychology and Neuroscience

Gorica Petrovich, Psychology and Neuroscience

Lisa Goodman, Lynch

Meghan Sweeney, Theology Department and PULSE Program

Jessica Johnson, School of Social Work

Lynne O’Connell, Chemistry

Kathleen Flinton, School of Social Work

Brian Zimmerman, English

Scott Seider, Lynch 

Jim Morken, Chemistry

Babak Momeni, Biology

Maureen Ritchey, Psychology and Neuroscience

Jane Ashley, CSON

Andréa Javel, Romance Languages and Literatures

Fang Lu, Eastern, Slavic, and German Studies

Theresa O’Keefe, School of Theology and Ministry

Eranthie Weerapana, Chemistry

Eric Dearing, CDEP and Lynch

Douglas Warner, Biology

Emine Fetvaci, Art, Art History, and Film

David Miele, CDEP and Lynch

Hiram Brownell, Psychology and Neuroscience

Summer Hawkins, School of Social Work

Angela Kim Harkins, School of Theology and Ministry

Franklin T. Harkins, School of Theology and Ministry

Kendra Eshleman, Classical Studies

Xiao Chen, Physics

Dan Farbman, Boston College Law School

Richard Jackson, TCS and Lynch

Kelsey Werner, School of Social Work

Michael Resler, Eastern, Slavic, and German Studies

Ilija Zeljkovic, Physics

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May 2, 2021