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In Response To: “Complaints About Boston College Priest Sent To Leahy And Jesuit Provincial Years Prior To Rape Allegation”

Dear Editors:

I write this as a huge fan of most things Ignatian. I was lucky to know and be informally mentored by a variety of the fathers at BC and elsewhere.

I am not surprised that Dziak and his Jesuit superiors are being called to account for his alleged “inappropriate conduct with students.”

In Jesuit and ecclesiastical circles, I have heard the Ted Dziaks of the world described as “operators,” “climbers,” and “politicians.” Those terms are appropriate for the ambitious types in journalism and the secular world, too.

The timing of Dziak’s transfers to different work assignments have an eerie resemblance to the conduct used by Cardinal Law to hide his pedophile priests. 

Father Leahy’s statement reads like the template of what we in the news business call a “non-denial denial.”

There are two journalistic admonitions that are useful for a story like this: “If a story is too good to be true, it probably isn’t” and “Allegations are not arrests. Arrests are not indictments. Indictments are not convictions.”

Gene Roman

Freelance Reporter


BC ’82

May 3, 2021