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BC Releases Adidas Football Uniforms for 2021 Season

After announcing in late April that Adidas would take over as the program’s official apparel and footwear supplier, Boston College football released the first products of its partnership with Adidas on Wednesday with new jerseys for the upcoming season.

BC fans will not have to adjust their eyes too much when they watch their team’s next season, as the new uniforms look similar to last year’s iterations and maintain the program’s two classic uniform combinations of maroon and gold as well as white and gold. 

The few changes include adding the throwback school logo at the center of the jersey and enlarging the players’ numbers and names. While the placement of a small version of the school’s name at the center of the jersey is a common feature in Adidas college football designs, it is a notable change for BC, as the program has historically left the school name off its jerseys. 

The number size and font also resemble those used on the jerseys of Adidas’ other college football partners, though the enlarged size is a far cry from the bold styling that is regularly employed by Nike.

Adidas outfits four other programs in the ACC, namely Miami, Georgia Tech, Louisville, and NC State. As of 2019, Adidas designed the jerseys of 12 of the 65 Power Five programs, while Nike outfitted 42 and Under Armour made jerseys for 11 schools. 

BC football’s deal with Adidas will extend through the 2023 football season and is believed to be the first FBS school with a football-only apparel deal. 

Although the Eagles had a stable of five jerseys last year, the team only ever wore its two throwback jerseys and the Red Bandanna kits. The program will cut out the superfluous designs and run with just a trio this time around. 

The Red Bandanna jersey the Eagles donned for their game against Notre Dame last year is the property of Under Armour, but Adidas will design a new version of the alternate uniform. Details on the uniform have yet to be released.

Head coach Jeff Hafley expressed his enthusiasm about the new uniforms in an April interview with The Athletic.

“I think this year we’re going to get a little bit more style to it,” Hafley said. “I’m pretty fired up about what I think they’ll look like. A little more colorful.” 

Featured Image by Jess Rivilis / Heights Senior Staff

June 16, 2021