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Eagles Pitcher Receives National Recognition For Sikh Faith

Although the 2021 Boston College baseball program sputtered down the stretch after a hot start to the season, there was no shortage of special storylines. 

Sal Frelick continued his spectaculars in what was likely his final year on the Heights, slashing .359/.443/.559 and setting himself up to be a top selection in the 2021 MLB Draft. Off the diamond, sophomore pitcher Evan Moore beat cancer and returned to the program to a raucous welcome

Plus, the presence of righty pitcher Samrath Singh marked another great story for the Eagles. Singh, a junior who debuted in 2020 and featured in two games this past year, is believed to be the first turbaned Sikh to play Division I baseball. 

The milestone was first covered several years ago but has gained national media attention in recent weeks, notably in The Hill and NBC News. The University has also joined in the recent wave of coverage. 

Singh said that Eagles head coach Mike Gambino’s knowledge and interest about Sikhism was a key factor in his decision to join the Eagles.

“Not only did that catch my attention—like, Whoa! But my parents were like, ‘Did he really just—did he really do that?’” Singh said in an interview with Boston College Magazine

Singh pitched an inning each in games against Charleston Southern and Auburn, striking out three and giving up two hits across the two scoreless innings. He made his debut on the Heights against Fairfield in February 2020 after missing his freshman year due to Tommy John surgery. 

“I could not stop smiling,” Singh said about his debut to NBC News. “I was smiling on the mound. It was a lot of fun.”

While he has not yet reached the pros, his visibility as a pitcher in one of college baseball’s top leagues and the publicity he has received has enabled him to at least partially fulfill one of his goals.

“I just want to inspire the next generation,” he told NBC News. “It’s perfectly fine for a Sikh to wish he was Mike Trout or Bryce Harper. But I want them to see another Sikh at the highest level.”

Featured Image by Ikram Ali / Heights Editor

July 2, 2021

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