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How to Get Back Into the Groove of the “Normal” BC Experience

After what has felt like decades of mania and uncertainty, there is a huge sense of joy and excitement surrounding the day everyone has been waiting for—Aug. 30. Boston College’s upperclassmen are welcoming a return to what they have always known as the “normal” scene at BC, while sophomores and freshmen are looking forward to seeing the true life of the University. For both those who have experienced it before and those who have not, here are some tricks and tips that I’ve found to be helpful in navigating typical life at BC.

Take the time to learn about your professors. Now is your opportunity to build real, in-person connections with them. 

We are finally at the point where you will be in person for your classes, so seize the opportunity to foster as many relationships as possible! Not only will forming bonds with your professors help with your academic success in their class, but they can also serve as mentors and provide guidance on declaring your course of study and future career. Do your research on your professors before entering their class—see what fields they specialize in and formulate any questions you may have about their career and research. By maximizing these relationships, you’ll set yourself up for short-term and long-term success.

Communicate your preferences with your roommates—especially surrounding COVID-19. 

Communicating with your roommates, especially as a freshman, is a crucial part of having a comfortable living environment. But, the continued presence of COVID-19 cases creates an added nuance. It is especially important to learn about their comfort with pandemic precautions—you should talk about having guests in the room, how to proceed if one of you is not feeling well, and how they feel about traveling. By discussing this right off the bat, you are less likely to run into miscommunications in the future and can ensure a happy, healthy living environment. 

Find a group on campus to connect with over shared passions. 

Even though Zoom is a great tool that has allowed students to get through college in a pandemic, it’s hard to foster friendships virtually. Last year, it was difficult to connect with other students, let alone become part of groups that have common interests. This year is the perfect opportunity to attend the student involvement fair and learn about the over 200 campus groups BC has to offer. Whether it be volunteer work, club sports, or academic societies, there are countless ways to become involved with other students on campus.

Prepare for sporting events and game days. 

Game days are a huge part of the spirit of BC and something that has been missed dearly by students, faculty, alumni, and athletes alike. Make sure you have secured your Gold Pass, which gives you access to football, men’s basketball, and men’s hockey games, or know how to access tickets to the games of your choice. For football game days in the fall, some people like waking up early and heading to the tailgates, others prefer staying off-campus, and some just like attending games. However you choose to spend your game day, it’s a great chance to show BC spirit alongside your peers.

Explore new hangouts and study spaces that work with your comfort levels. 

With the pandemic last year, the BC administration took many efforts to create COVID-friendly spaces where students could feel comfortable, many of these being outside. Therefore, keep on the lookout for which of last year’s spaces will still be available, especially while the beautiful fall weather lasts. Some favorite study spaces of mine include the Rat and the outdoor tables at Hillside, as well as off-campus spots like Pressed Cafe in Newton. 

Featured Graphic by Meegan Minahan / Heights Editor 

August 29, 2021