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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Week Of Sept. 27

Thumbs Up 

    • Amazon Hub Lockers are yet another begrudging testament to Amazon’s genius, and will most likely be featured as the next case study in the Digital Technologies: Strategies and Use course (for any freshmen in the Carroll School of Management looking for current events ideas). Whether it’s an emergency purchase of Advil, a binder that was barely mentioned in the syllabus, or a tapestry of Gibby from iCarly holding a banana, the Amazon Bench in 90 St. Thomas More Road delivers it all without the mailroom wait. 
  • Ice Cream at Addie’s 
    • Addie’s is arguably the most overlooked and underappreciated dining hall. An outlier in the BC Dining line-up, Addie’s offers consistency in a world of Steak Diane and lobster night. The star of the show at Addie’s, however, is the ice cream. Nothing soothes a long day or a throat tickle like fresh-scooped ice cream. For those looking to avoid the wait, walk, and prices at White Mountain, just head upstairs to Lower’s best-kept secret. 

Thumbs Down

  • The BC Throat Tickle 
    • It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s COVID-19? No! It’s the throat tickle! The new PlagueLite™ that’s currently sweeping across campus is a cold cough variant commonly known as the BC throat tickle. A cacophony of coughs can be heard across campus as victims scurry to the bathroom to release a 30-minute buildup of coughing. The good news is, the tickle only lingers for about three days, so, to those currently suffering: hang in there! 
  • The Stench in Walsh 
    • Walsh Hall has an odor like no other. Instantly upon walking in, residents are hit with a smell that borders on a mix of body odor, mold, Febreze, and Natty Light. With each level of Walsh, the smell takes on a new and unique scent profile that probably could be cataloged by bio majors. Slander aside, the smell is inherent to Walsh’s integrity. Plus, Campus Activities Board could probably make a small fortune if it was able to turn Walsh’s natural musk into a Yankee Candle scent for former residents and alumni looking for a whiff of nostalgia. 
September 26, 2021