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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Week of Oct. 18

Thumbs Up 

  • Marathon Monday:
    • What’s better than a long weekend? A long weekend with a marathon hitched on the end! Maramon, as it’s affectionately referred to on Herrd, is the only day Boston College students will gleefully arise at 6 a.m. It’s a crossover between Mardi Gras and a giant block party, with the added bonus of cheering on the runners. 
  • First Floor of Bapst: 
    • Although Bapst’s second floor usually soaks in all the glory, first floor Bapst is the perfect spot to counteract the post-long weekend scaries. The individual desks block out any and all distractions, plus they come with outlets so there’s no threat of a mid-essay sprint to the nearest charger.  

Thumbs Down

  • Overheating laptops: 
    • How many tabs could a MacBook run if a MacBook could run tabs? Probably about 25 before it begins to sound like the Mars Odyssey is going to launch from the desk. Even worse than slowed performance is the embarrassment of attempting to conceal the ruckus from the rest of the 5th floor of O’Neill. 
  • Not Reading the Room:
    • This goes for many situations in life. However, during midterm weeks it becomes blatantly apparent that some people have never actually studied in a library before. Regardless of the accepted noise levels at different study spots on campus, if people are focused and quiet, it’s still rude to talk loudly and converse frequently about non-work-related topics with others. Please read the room, and if the room is silent, you probably should be too. 
October 17, 2021