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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Week Of Oct. 25

Thumbs Up

  • Commencement Weekend: 
    • Last weekend, campus was brimming with the same excitement that floated in the air on Family Weekend. Reunion Weekend tapped into the unity and camaraderie that hold the Boston College community together. Even sweeter was being able to see Class of 2020 graduates finally get the graduation pictures, champagne, and commencement speech they deserved. 
  • TI-84 Plus: 
    • The TI-84 Plus is the holy grail of all calculators and an ode to the original abacus. Through thick and thin, this calculator will stand by your side. It can survive any and all conditions, even the bottom of a middle schooler’s backpack, and should be passed down as a family heirloom. 

Thumbs Down

  • Limited Printers On Campus: 
    • Still embarrassed from your laptop overheating last week? That’s okay. Sometimes nothing beats good ol’ fashioned pen and paper. That is, until it comes time to print. Coercing the select few printers on campus to cooperate is like trying to befriend a squirrel. They’re evasive, they’re crafty, and they can smell a midterm deadline coming from a mile away (just in time to run low on ink). 
  • Slow Walkers: 
    • In opposite proportion to the number of printers on campus is the number of slow walkers. Hitting the Quad during rush hour is a grave mistake. Worst of all, the traffic is not mainly the result of large groups spreading out across the path, but instead a slew of particularly slow individuals who chose to wake up each morning without any amount of hustle whatsoever. 
October 24, 2021