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Dance Groups Draw Crowds at Explosive Rookie Showcase

The hallway outside of The Rat was crowded with students and lines leading outside the building. Inside the transformed cafeteria awaited 12 dance groups with each dancer taking photos and hyping each other up with their team chants. After two years, the annual Rookie Dance Showcase, which debuts each dance group’s newest members, returned with a full audience and an energetic lineup of well-known Boston College dance troupes. 

Sexual Chocolate, BC’s all-male step team, hosted the event on Saturday night, weaving together introductions and mini skits for each group that performed, including their own. 

Sexual Chocolate’s comedic acting bound the Rookie Showcase in an imaginary scenario where Dr. Doofenshmirtz, parodied from Disney’s Phineas and Ferb, is tasked with finding the secret formula to what makes the perfect rookie dancer. The ingredients they ponder over include confidence, looks, and good moves. But, none of the test subjects, played by Sexual Chocolate members, were able to demonstrate these ideal rookie qualities. In between the four different acts of storytelling, dynamic and fiery performances from the dancers incited loud cheers and applause from the audience. 

Audience members sang along to the Korean girl group BLACKPINK as AEROdynamiK showcased its explosive choreography, Masti’s colorful red costumes livened up its Bollywood-fusion dance style, Fuego del Corazón and Vida de Intensa Pasión rocked the stage with varying styles of Latin dance, Dance Organization of BC performed a set to Dua Lipa’s “Hallucinate” while wearing bright pink matching outfits, and PATU’s (Presenting Africa To U) dance team left the stage after its high-energy performance amid deafening cheers. 

The rookies from the dance groups showed the BC community an array of talent and hard work. Other groups that performed include Boston College Dance Ensemble, Boston College On Tap, Phaymus, Females Incorporating Sisterhood Through Step, and UPrising.

Songs varied across groups, presenting different international genres of music from various artists such as Beyoncé, MC Kevinho, WizKid, Aminé, Romeo Santos, and more. 

The Rookie Dance Showcase represented the diversity and passion of each dance group at BC through outrageous spectacles of spirited choreographies. Given the few minutes each group had to perform, they all made the most of their time by dancing with intense and eruptive energy on the stage. The several hundred seats set up in the Rat were quickly filled, but audience members continued to pile into the venue to show their support for the dance teams. The showcase exemplified the talents of BC students who brought to the stage their passion, heritages, and love for dance.

Featured Images by Adita Rao / Heights Staff

November 7, 2021