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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Week of Jan. 24

Thumbs Up: 

  • New Mac, who dis? 
    • Pre-transformation, she scared away even the bravest of eaters. Now Carney’s, the primarily freshman dining hall, affectionately referred to as “Mac,” has upperclassmen making the lines in the once-barren dining hall look like the Lower lines that freshmen once clogged first semester. Everyone wants a piece of the newly renovated dining room, now offering pizza, smoothies, and salads galore! Be forewarned, however—visiting this newly minted Upper Campus gem means blocking out a considerable chunk in your schedule to wait in line. 
  • New classes, new faces, new friends 
    • For those stuck taking their last choice Intro to Theatre class last semester (no disrespect to those who chose it willingly), the start of the spring semester brings with it the hope that the classes each student so painstakingly selected to align with their four-year plan will also herald the arrival of new faces, and that maybe some of those new faces will be new friends as well. 

Thumbs Down: 

  • Homesickness heyday
    • Something about coming back to campus after a month-long hideout at home hits different. And in this case, “hits different” refers to the slap in the face that is leaving your beloved family, friends, and most importantly, your dog to begin showering with shoes on, reading endless emails, and anticipating the arrival of Spring Break once more. Eagles know that their roost on the Heights is most certainly home, but this knowledge doesn’t stop the longing for a hug from mom, the yearning to watch the game with dad, or wishing you could welcome a big sloppy kiss from your furriest friend. 
  • New Year’s Resolution Plex Takeover
    • Veteran Plexers may have been surprised this week to have found themselves waiting (for the first time) for machines, weights, mats, or really anything that makes one trek to the Plex in the first place. An influx of students, perhaps hoping to make peace with their New Year’s resolutions, have populated the gym, leaving even those who hit the gym at the oddest hours stranded without the comfort of their favorite machine. 
January 24, 2022