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Da LaPosta Pizzeria Brings the North End to Newton

Da LaPosta Pizzeria opened in November in Newton, and its liveliness and charm might be enough to rival the renowned restaurants of Boston’s North End.

“You can have fun with friends, and hang out, and have apps, and a few drinks, or you can come with the family if you want to be a little more formal,” Sarah Chag, a Needham resident and diner at the pizzeria, said.

The experience at the restaurant is engaging and fulfilling. The dim lighting and youthful music lure customers through the door, the personable staff makes them want to stay, and the delectable food inspires them to book their next reservation. 

The warm interior of Da LaPosta, located at 825 Washington St., is inviting. Large tables can seat whole families, while dim lighting and tables for two make for a great date night. The long wood bar is perfect for friends looking to have a few drinks or watch a game. 

Mario LaPosta, the owner of the restaurant, said Da LaPosta has been a project in the making over the past few years. He said he wants the space to be a staple for residents nearby.

“I hope Da LaPosta brings, number one, great pizza, [and] a great restaurant that the Newton community can feel like is a part of the neighborhood,” LaPosta said.

With his previous experience working in the Seaport District, LaPosta crafted a menu authentic to his Italian name. From bread and clams to pizza and pasta—including the gluten free kind—Da LaPosta has something for everyone.

The spaghetti aglio e olio—pasta with garlic, chili, parsley, and olive oil—is a refreshing twist on a classic dish. Chili flakes add a spark of spice to tender pasta. The garlic and parsley add maturity to the flavor profile. Grated parmesan cheese tops off the tasty dish. 

Da LaPosta is just a 20 minute walk from Boston College’s Newton Campus. 

One Needham resident, who said he plans to return to the restaurant, had the cavatelli and housemade sausage pasta.

“[It had] a nice fennel taste to it—a little spice,” the customer said. “The pasta was nice and pillowy.”

The restaurant lets customers split the dishes for more to enjoy.

“We did a lot of appetizers. I couldn’t even have a full meal,” Chag said. “We had the focaccia with the cheese in it, which is amazing because it’s cheese and it’s bread. I had the suppli, which is like an arancini, and we had the calamari, [and housemade] ricotta. 

Customers can view the restaurant’s hours and make reservations through Da LaPosta’s website.

“If there’s something on the menu that they [want but we don’t have], they can still ask,” LaPosta said. “If there’s something we don’t have as a cocktail or wine, they can still ask. [Da LaPosta] is something that’s just really suited for the locals [who] want to be at a place where they feel like they can get what they want.” 

Images by Fiona Flanagan / Heights Staff

February 6, 2022