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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Week of Feb. 7

Thumbs Up: 

  • Boston College Marriage Pact 
    • Looking for love? Look no further than your email. It’s no secret that thousands of BC alumni have found long-lasting love during their time on campus, and for those looking to carry on this noble tradition, the BC Marriage Pact offers a prime opportunity to find the one on campus right now who is most compatible with you. Created by two Stanford University students for an economics final, the Marriage Pact is an extensive questionnaire that asks about everything from your major to your political affiliation. Based on your questionnaire, the algorithm will match you with another BC student whose answers complement your own. The best part? Even if you don’t find long-lasting love with your Marriage Pact match, there’s always the chance to make new friends—and isn’t that what college is all about?
  • Wordle Wise 
    • BC students are by their very nature intellectuals. So of course it makes sense that games like the New York Times Crossword puzzles and various sudokus are attractive to such an academically inclined population of young adults. And with the arrival of a new brain game sensation that’s gripping the nation, hardly a student around can be caught without their nose in their phone, gears turning in those big brains as they try to figure out which five-letter word will satisfy their brain game craving of the day. Wordle, the latest word game craze, is a 5×6 grid where players must essentially fill in their guess for the word of the day. The satisfaction gained from guessing the word in fewer and fewer amounts of time is unmatched. 

Thumbs Down: 

  • Honey Q Wraps 
    • The beloved Honey Q returned to dining halls this week … with some changes that severely altered the once religious experience of eating that heavenly bowl of rice, ranch, and that sweet yet tangy, crunchy yet moist, and colorful yet appealing-to-the-eye chicken. Once a bowl loaded with ingredients, now the ever-favored Honey Q bowl has reentered the dining hall circuit in a skimpy new form: the Honey Q 2.0: The Wrap. A single measly scoop of those sublime poultry nuggets, a paper thin spread of that zesty ranch, and some measly lettuce shreds are now all you get when you build your own Honey Q wrap. Where is the beloved bowl that once was? 
  • Mac sound track (derogatory) 
    • Whoever has been on aux in Mac recently is going through something. Everything from The Lumineers to what sounded like the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack was playing on full volume over the speakers this week, perhaps in an attempt to drown out the already raucous sounds of students chatting, laughing, and munching. The discrepancy between The Lumineers and Jack Sparrow is already pretty concerning, so sending love to whoever is working out their feelings via the Mac speakers. On the plus side, whoever is on aux in Coro seems to have their life figured out, so keep on playing that Taylor Swift!
February 6, 2022