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Students Craft Chocolate-Covered Strawberries at Valentines-Themed Event

Students crafted chocolate-covered strawberries to celebrate Valentine’s Day at a CAB and BC Dining event in Eagle’s Nest on Thursday.

“We coordinated with BC Dining to plan the event and put it on to help everyone get into the Valentine’s Day spirit and [to] just have a fun little relaxing event during the business of school,” Mary Stack, a current CAB member and MCAS ’24, said. 

Alex Lermond, MCAS ’24, decided to attend the cooking class after hearing about a previous cake decorating event.

“I was looking for something different, something fun,” Lermond said. “And my friend did the cake decorating before, and it looked amazing.”=

Before the event started, Tim Fonseca, BC’s executive pastry chef, gave participants a behind-the-scenes tour of Eagle’s Nest, which is the main bakery for the University.

“On an average day, they make somewhere between 140 and 210 dozen cookies,” Fonseca said. 

Beatriz Costas, MCAS ’22, enjoyed the surprise behind-the-scenes tour of BC’s bakery.

“I wasn’t expecting a tour of the facilities, which was nice to see a little background of how BC does their pastries, since we get so many of them everyday,” Costas, MCAS ’22, said. 

Ojas Rozario, MCAS ’22, also found the tour extremely interesting and rewarding to see. 

“It was super cool going into the back of the kitchen and seeing what it looks like [and] the kind of stuff they [have] going on,” Rozario said.

Emily O’Brien, a pastry chef at BC Dining, said it was her first time working with students in a university setting, since she previously worked in restaurants.

“[Teaching is] a great new thing to learn, ” O’Brien said. “Getting to teach other people what I know is a good skill to have.”

While working at the Four Seasons Hotel, Fonseca said he previously taught cooking classes for both kids and adults, but the energy did not compare to events at BC.

“This, with the University students here, basically gives a whole other vibe,” he said. “It’s youthful energy, enthusiastic, and they’re really into what we’re doing. That makes it a lot of fun.”

The goals of the event, according to Stack, were to give students a break from school and a chance to have fun.

“It gives everyone an excuse to put down their phones, put down their computers, and just come and create something that they can share with their friends, and they can go home, watch a movie, and just relax and have some chocolate-covered strawberries and get ready for Valentine’s Day,” Stack said.

Chris Ticas / For the Heights

February 14, 2022