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University Reports Slight Drop in Undergraduate COVID-19 Cases

Boston College reported 351 undergraduate cases of COVID-19 out of 7,078 tests conducted last week—a positivity rate of five percent—according to the BC Forward website.

The University’s undergraduate positivity rate dropped 0.5 percent from the previous week, which saw a record-breaking 394 undergraduates test positive for COVID-19.

BC’s non-undergraduate positivity rate was nearly 4.33 percent lower than the undergraduate rate this past week, with 14 non-undergraduate positive cases out of 2,104 tests, a positivity rate of .67 percent.

The temporary mask mandate on campus, announced on Jan. 5 amid a nationwide surge of the Omicron variant, expired on Jan. 31.

About a month into the spring semester, BC has surpassed 1,500 undergraduate cases, reporting 1,671 total cases since pre-semester testing began on Jan. 10. In the fall semester, BC recorded 502 undergraduate cases overall.

Director of University Health Services Doug Comeau reminded students in an email on Thursday to stay vigilant in recognizing and reporting symptoms of COVID-19.

“Please continue to use the BC Check app every day, as it is a vital asset in our community-wide effort to limit the spread of COVID-19 on our campus and in the surrounding communities,” he said.

Comeau also encouraged students to continue making good decisions when socializing and to avoid “high-risk situations.”

“We have had much success in managing the pandemic on campus this year, and we ask for your continued cooperation in order to have a healthy and as normal as possible spring semester,” Comeau said.

Featured Image by Steve Mooney / Heights Editor

February 14, 2022