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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Week of Feb. 28

Thumbs Up: 

  • Girl Scouts 
    • Being a Girl Scout should mean automatic admission to CSOM. Those little vest-wearing, cookie-selling maniacs are businesswomen through and through. Watching them rope students into buying their boxes on the first floor of Mac is truly a sight to behold. And having Venmo QR codes for ease of payment? Genius. Besides their excellent cookie-hawking skills, the Girl Scouts truly do have the best boxed cookies of all time. Despite the changing names, the classic flavors are here to stay, and they sure do make the best study session snacks. If only they were here all year round! 
  • Crazy Dough’s Craziest Schedule 
    • Boston College students are the luckiest in the world to have someone like the owner of Crazy Dough’s, who treks through snow and storm to keep his restaurant open until 1 a.m. Without his kindness, we would be at a loss for a cure for our midnight cravings this weekend. And not to mention the rumor that he showed up to work at 8:30 on Friday – so those odd birds who prefer fresh pizza in the morning (as opposed to the regular birds who eat leftover pizza like normal people) would have somewhere to take their weird food habits.le. 

Thumbs Down:

  • No Ice, Ice Baby 
    • BC students are no strangers to the cold, but for those looking to keep extra cold this winter, they’ll have to make the trek to a dining hall. Ice machines in the dining hall was a great idea. Except for when they’re a) broken or b) out of ice. That jingle-jangle of ice in a metal water bottle is like music to the ears, but nothing can compare to the sadness that comes from wanting to fill your 32 oz. Hydro Flask to the brim with frozen cubes of water, only to hear that grinding crunch of an ice machine that is out of ice. 
  • Broken Dryers 
    • For those who spent the better part of their lives having laundry done for them, the laundry situation at BC will be a rude awakening. Deciding to do your laundry means picking a day devoid of all tasks, classes, and homework. Depending on how big your laundry load is, you could be spending anywhere from 2 hours to a whole day down in the darkest depths of your dorm’s laundry room. And honestly, it’s not even that the dryers are always completely broken, just that they will never get hot enough to dry all of your laundry at once. You’ll think that you’re on your final load, only to realize after lugging your whole load back to your room, that your massive towel is still damp. You’ll trek all the way back down to the laundry room, pay for one more load, and settle in once more, to wait and wait and wait.
February 27, 2022

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