How to Maximize Your Easter Break at Home

Spring Break is usually the prime time to hop on a plane for a quick getaway to Las Vegas or Miami with your friends. When it comes time for Easter, however, many Eagles flock back home, and because of the limited number of days off for Easter, many students may find themselves feeling unproductive or bored with the extra time. Whether you’re heading home to spend Easter with your family or to enjoy the days off, here are a few tips on how to make the most of your days at home during Easter Break. 

Focus on Your Mental Health … 

During the school year, we don’t have nearly enough time between our academic and social lives to sit down and make time for ourselves. Use the break for self-reflection and to recollect your thoughts through activities like journaling. Journaling is one of the best ways to improve your mental health—it helps you gather concerns, stress, or even things that make you happy as you write. It is also an amazing way to set goals for yourself. Personally, journaling is the most effective way for me to relieve stress and anxiety any time of the day when I need it.

Another way to focus on your mental health is to lessen the time you spend on your phone. Instead, you can take a walk in the nice weather around your neighborhood, go to a nearby cafe to read and people-watch, or go for a run.

Learn To Cook a New Recipe …

Good food is key to happiness. While at home, take advantage of your kitchen and try out a new recipe. Look up some recipes you want to try on TikTok or YouTube and start cooking or baking. Check out The Heights Magazine’s Homemade on the Heights column for a series of easy recipes to spice up your Easter Break.

Spend Time With Hometown Friends, if They’re Home, Too …

Easter Break at home is the perfect time to catch up with your hometown friends and talk about your respective college lives. Being at college means being away from your childhood friends, so make sure to maximize the time you have at home to rekindle those memories and relationships.

Passion Project …

Have a passion or hobby that you don’t have time to pursue while at school? The few days during Easter Break are the perfect time to spark that passion project. 

For those who find relaxation and joy through art, I suggest buying a canvas, paintbrush, and some paint tubes and starting an art piece. It is the perfect way to destress through a creative outlet.

If you’re looking to save some money, learning an activity that is typically expensive—such as painting your own nails or cutting and styling your own hair—can be a great thing to practice over break. Plus, you can impress your friends and roommates back on campus with your new skills. 

Finally, nicer spring weather provides the perfect opportunity for trying out a new sport and learning to play it with your friends. Outdoor games like Spikeball can be a great way to enjoy the sunshine while at home over break or even if you are staying on campus during break.  

Remember That the Break Is Well-deserved…

It is often easy to feel guilty for not doing work in the middle of the semester, and academic breaks can make you feel like you are just moping around. But don’t forget that you deserve a relaxing break. You work hard during the semester, and now is the time to rest to ensure you are ready to get back on the grind again.

You don’t always need to do work, and you should not feel obligated to do something productive over break. You can always just sit back and watch TV with your pet, family, or friends. Comedy sitcoms are perfect to lighten the mood—The Office, Modern Family, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine are some hilarious shows that you can binge watch. Break is about prioritizing yourself first, and I hope these tips will ensure that you enjoy your well-deserved break.

Featured Graphic by Annie Corrigan / Heights Editor

March 16, 2022

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