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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Week of March 28

Thumbs Up:

  • Regular Decision  
    • The news that new Eagles would be flying home to Boston College came out with BC’s regular decision announcement on Thursday. For all those who remember the torturous anticipation of opening their acceptance letters on decision day, there’s no doubt that we can share in the collective relief that these Baby Eags must be feeling right now. 
  • Target
    • Everyone has heard of the mythical land called Target. Entering a Target is like entering a parallel universe where time stands still and there is nothing but your shopping cart between you and the endless shelves of things you don’t need. And yet, if you go wandering in a Target with the sole intent of just making yourself feel a little bit better, suddenly everything becomes something you do, in fact, need.  

Thumbs Down:

  • Empty Machines 
    • Mac’s shiny, brand-new soda machines, which look as though they would better grace a Century Theater, sadly frequently fail to deliver the thirst-quenching drinks that they promise. It seems as though these new machines can barely keep up with the demands of what must be an incredibly dehydrated student body. The feeling when you go to fill up your clear plastic cup with a delectable Diet Coke and nothing comes out is nothing short of soul-crushing disappointment. 
  • Un–golden-brown Breakfast Potatoes 
    • Every once in a while the BC-renowned breakfast potatoes come out from the kitchens looking a little pale—like they haven’t spent enough time basking in their oily bath before being presented in their little metal tins under the heat lamps to the student body. Dragging yourself to the dining hall on a lazy Sunday morning is horrible when they don’t have breakfast potatoes, but arguably worse when the breakfast potatoes they do have don’t live up to their celebrity status.
March 27, 2022