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iEdit: Megan Kelly Pays Tribute to the Bay Area and her Swiftie Roots

The Return of iEdit

The iEdit column is a tradition of past boards of The Heights. In each column, a Heights editor curates a playlist that captures his or her music taste. Another board member analyzes the song choices, psychoanalyzing the playlist creator in the process. There’s been a brief pause in the series since 2020, but we’re kicking off the column series again. Lauren Wittenmyer, managing editor, is here to pick apart the song selections of Megan Kelly, president and editor-in-chief. 

Prior to receiving Megan’s playlist, I would have bet my life that three artists would make an appearance: Taylor Swift, Bon Iver, and Phoebe Bridgers. Much to my surprise, I was only right about two of the three. Granted, Swift and Bon Iver’s contributions make up nearly half of the playlist, so I feel as if I didn’t miss the mark by too much.

Although I truly believe a playlist can never have too much Swift—I consider myself an ardent fan of both of Megan’s selections of hers—I have to say the juxtaposition between “Cruel Summer” and “ivy” was an interesting choice. The indie-pop sound of “ivy” follows the lively synth-pop style of “Cruel Summer” just six songs later. These are certainly two Swift songs I wouldn’t have thought to pair with one another, but somehow, it seems to work. 

I have to admit I was expecting a far more despairing and melancholic experience—keep in mind this is the girl who thinks “Kyoto” is a “hype song.” But I was pleasantly surprised when the playlist opened with the Libertines and proceeded to close with Sam Fender. Even Miley Cyrus’ rendition of “You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go” is a light and airy addition. Although a part of me wonders if Megan only included it solely for its not-so-subtle name dropping of her hometown of San Francisco. The city is, after all, a cornerstone of our editor-in-chief’s personality. 

Aside from Bon Iver’s two melancholic tunes, Megan managed to create a rather upbeat and lighthearted spring playlist—perfect for a Bay Area girl in the middle of April right before the summer fog rolls in. Maybe then we’ll get the Phoebe Bridgers–centered playlist I had expected. 

April 24, 2022