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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Week of April 25

Thumbs Up:

  • Dominic Fike 
    • After CAB announced that Dominic Fike was set to perform at Modstock, visions of Euphoria-themed outfits danced in BC’s students’ heads. Fike, known for songs like “Chicken Tenders” and “3 Nights,” recently gained even more acclaim for his role as Elliot on HBO’s Euphoria. Fike’s concert will be sure to wind down the end of the year successfully as just hype enough to motivate us for finals studying and just chill enough to ring in those summer vibes. Here’s to hoping that if he decides to sing his character’s song from the show, he chooses to play an abridged version. 
  • Dining Hall Fruit 
    • Smashed berries on the ground around campus signified the arrival of BC Dining’s end of year fruit sale. As the weather gets warmer and warmer, students can be spotted laying out on the quads picnicking with strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries galore. Berries make a perfect bite-sized, on-the-go snack to stick in your tote bag while running around campus, are delicious when added to your dorm room oatmeal, and can even be added to your water for some added luxury.

Thumbs Down:

  • Email Endings 
    • Much can be communicated through the ending of an email. Sincerely, best, regards, best regards, thank you, even love—all email sign-offs convey something to the recipient of your email. Most people pick their favorite and stick with it, but many times the signature requires a few extra minutes of thought depending on who you’re emailing. You most certainly wouldn’t want to end an email to your professor with “love,” and your mom would probably have your head for ending an email to her with “regards.” And that’s not to even mention how to open your email, because “I hope this email finds you well!” is getting old. 
  • Making Your Own Doctor’s Appointment 
    • As it comes time to return home for the summer, it also comes time to schedule those long overdue medical appointments. The worst part is not the scratchy hook that the dentist uses or the shot your parents promised you wouldn’t get. What’s really the worst is the scheduling phone call.  Ever since your mom stopped scheduling your appointments, you haven’t quite adjusted to the probing questions of the receptionist on the other end of the phone. How are you supposed to know if your family is still on the same insurance plan? You don’t even live there anymore!
April 25, 2022