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BC Men’s Basketball Coach Earl Grant Speaks at Agape Latte

Earl Grant, Boston College’s men’s basketball head coach, spoke of his experience finding God and following His plan Tuesday night at the last Agape Latte event of the academic year.

“I’m a sinner just like everybody in this room because none of us are perfect,” Grant said. “But, there are some things that I have discovered in the last 20 years which I think are very critical to any young man or young lady.”

Grant, who served as the head coach of the College of Charleston’s men’s basketball team before coming to BC, recalled the offers he received for coaching positions at other schools after his first season at BC and how he ultimately decided to stay on the Heights.

“God put me here [at BC],” Grant said. “I didn’t necessarily deserve it. I’ve been doing it for 23 years, working at it—so I have to discover why he put me here, and he put me here for me to be right where I am tonight, sharing what I am sharing.”

Grant described his mindset when taking on any challenge he faces.

“You have to find the positives in any situation,” Grant said. “Don’t grow weary because if you seize it, you will reap a harvest.”

Grant’s work with his team extends beyond just winning games, he said.

“[God] put me here to help these young men become good human beings so they can go be a good husband and father and to be a dependable worker on a job,” Grant said.

Grant recently spoke to BC Athletics Director Pat Kraft, who is leaving BC to work at Penn State, he said.

“And I said [to Kraft], ‘look, pray about it,’” Grant said. “‘That’s a part of God’s plan, I don’t want you to leave because you brought me here, but that’s God’s plan. You have to go.’”

According to Grant, he is optimistic about the future of BC’s men’s basketball program despite people calling it a “bottom of the barrel” contender. Grant also stressed that what really matters to him when coaching his team is aligning with God’s purpose.

“Happiness is like conditioning,” Grant said. “I can lose five [games] in a row and still have joy. Do you want joy? If so, you have to align with God’s purpose for you.”

Grant said that he tries to teach his players that you can still be a winner without winning every game.

“You can give your best effort and still lose, but you’re still a winner,” Grant said. “I was just trying to get these guys to understand what it looks like to win and what it takes to win.”

Grant concluded by emphasizing the importance of aligning oneself with God.

“What I’m telling you is that you have to be aligned with God because a man will make many plans, but God’s purpose will prevail,” Grant said.

April 26, 2022