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iEdit: Emma Healy’s Playlist Guaranteed to Put ‘Anyone in Their Feels’

Deputy managing editor Emma Healy’s opening song, “warm glow” by Hippo Campus, felt fitting, not just because she has an entire playlist entitled  “a not quite hot, low-level light (this is definitely not a rip on warm glow),” but also because “warm glow” is the epitome of a song that gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling, which is how I feel when I think of Emma, one of my closest friends. 

And yes, I’ve stalked her Spotify so many times that I’ve memorized the names of her playlists.

On top of that, Emma tore managing editor Lauren Wittenmyer apart for her playlist of Sad Girl Autumn songs just two days ago. So, this first choice by Emma seemingly affirmed my assumption that she would deliver a playlist that isn’t chock-full of somber songs. 

As it turns out, Emma is a massive hypocrite. 

The born-and-bred Ohioan skipped the endearing ballads of Sad Girl Autumn and went straight for Depressed Girl Winter. 

What follows on her playlist are some of the most cry-your-eyes-out songs that exist today, including two (two!) Lord Huron songs: “Ends of the Earth” and “The Night We Met.” And the melancholy continues with “Cherry Wine” by Hozier and Bon Iver’s “For Emma.”

How fitting.

And don’t be fooled, even the upbeat songs like Lake Street Dive’s “Good Kisser” and The 1975’s “It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You)” have deceivingly depressing lyrics if you take a closer look.  

But don’t worry—Emma, ever the deceiver, closes off the playlist with Foster The People’s hopeful love song “Sit Next to Me” so she can point to the bookends of her collection and say, “Look! This is a happy playlist!”

Despite her hypocrisy, though, Emma killed it with her choices. She included several of my all-time favorites, crafting a hauntingly beautiful collection of songs that would successfully put anyone in their feels. It makes me want to fast forward to the depths of a Boston winter just so I can put this playlist on repeat.  

September 13, 2022