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Kyle Brings High-Energy to Stokes Set, Interacting With Crowd

Kyle, known for his 2016 hit “iSpy,” lit up Stokes Lawn on Saturday night for the annual Stokes Set. The rapper’s excitement and energy made this year’s concert one to remember.

The annual concert, hosted by the Campus Activities Board (CAB), opened with a set by DJ Jadaboo, who is engaged to Kyle. Decked out in a Boston College sweater, Jadaboo got the audience excited with crowd-pleasing covers of “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers, “One More Time” by Daft Punk, and “Wonderwall” by Oasis. 

With songs marked by her own twists and her tagline “What it do Jadaboo?” the seasoned DJ built the hype for Kyle as students streamed onto the lawn. 

Students showed up in vibrant outfits and waved colorful, light-up that CAB provided. Beach balls flew across the crowd as people waited patiently for the main event.

Kyle, also known as SuperDuperKyle, ran on stage to “Perfect,” a song off of his 2022 album It’s Not So Bad. He brought his high-energy level and enthusiasm to the night. He talked to the crowd and gave engaging introductions to each of his songs. The artist was especially thrilled to see students wearing Stokes Set t-shirts customized with his name.

The concert featured his past songs and newer cuts. He brought in the audience with some of his more well-known songs, including “Hey Julie!” and “Don’t Wanna Fall in Love.”

Kyle’s personality came through in his interactions with the crowd. Before singing “Sunday,” he jokingly asked the audience if they knew the days of the week. He built up to “Playinwitme” by asking students if they had any romantic interests leading them on. When he introduced “Carefree,” Kyle asked if BC had any haters, and students quickly communicated BC’s rivalry with Boston University.

At the end of the night, the students couldn’t stand the wait anymore. As “Carefree” ended, the crowd chanted for Kyle’s most famous song: “iSpy! iSpy! iSpy!” they cheered. 

Kyle obliged with an electric performance of his most popular song. He encouraged the audience to sing his part as he took Lil Yachty’s part. Kyle ended the night on this duet, leaving BC students with the tune likely stuck in their heads.

September 25, 2022