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Newton Community Pride Auctions Off Locally Designed Art Benches

Newton Community Pride is auctioning off 12 public benches crafted by local and regional artists. The auction will last until Sept. 30.

Newton Community Pride—a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to beautification, art, and culture in the city—is auctioning off 12 of 17 public art benches from its “Sit & Let Your Spirit Soar” art installation online 

“Now that the [installation] is coming to a close, we thought we would offer them up to the public to continue their use and to continue bringing color and creativity to our community,” said Blair Sullivan, executive director for Newton Community Pride.

The public art initiative began in late spring and ran through the summer. The Boston Chinese Evangelical Church in Newtonville donated the original benches before artists got to work on them, according to Sullivan. 

A wide variety of art styles cover the benches, including designs inspired by anything from Marie Antoinette to the 1950s pop art movement to Ukrainian cultural spirit. According to Sullivan, five of the 12 benches up for auction have already been sold. 

“The proceeds will go towards our next public art initiative, which will be sometime in the spring,” Sullivan said. 

Sullivan said Newton Community Pride is unsure what its next art initiative might be, but she said that it will be something as great as the benches. 

All winning bids for the benches include the costs of moving the bench to a Newton ground-level yard or business on Oct. 8. The benches can also be viewed on location throughout the city until the auction closes.

“We’re very excited to have these pieces continue in the community and to also raise funds and [artistic] awareness in Newton,” Sullivan said.

September 25, 2022