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End of the Eagle Era: How to Savor Your Senior Year

Senior year of college: a bittersweet time of celebration, uncertainty, and nostalgia. At Boston College, senior year has its own build-up as our time in such a tight-knit, secure community comes to an end. As we finish our journey on the Heights, the eldest students tend to scramble in hopes of grasping the remnants of the “true” college experience. Whether you listen to “Rivers and Roads” by The Head And The Heart or “Boston” by Augustana on repeat or are wrapped up in the post-graduate job search, we as seniors must ensure that we make the most out of our BC experience. As alumni often reminisce on their last year at BC being their best, here are a few tips on how to make the most out of your final year on the Heights:

Take a Capstone Course

Taking capstone courses is one of the best perks of being a senior BC. These courses are limited to around 15 students, where the curriculum focuses on building a strong rapport with your classmates and professor. Capstone courses are specifically designed to examine your past experiences at BC and to critically think about your future. Each course has its own theme, including: Authenticity and Human Development, Leadership and Mindfulness, Into the Woods, Desire and Discernment, The Balancing Act, Life and Career Planning, and Surviving Life with Humor. If you are interested in taking a course where the material is intended to spur self-reflection and create deep, meaningful connections with your peers and faculty, a Capstone course is for you.

Make an Intramural Team with Your Friends

One activity that all undergraduates should strive to do during their time at BC is to create an intramural team with your friends. Not only does it provide a great workout, but intramurals promote healthy competition and teamwork skills in an entertaining, laid-back manner. Registration is offered multiple times throughout the school year, depending on season. Sports that are included throughout the year include dodgeball, flag football, volleyball, basketball, soccer, ultimate frisbee, floor hockey, softball, and more. Intramurals create memories that will last a lifetime and will have you talking about your team’s buzzer beater to your grandchildren one day. 

Visit a Place or Building on Campus That You Have Never Been to Before

The beauty of BC lies in its vastness and how there are endless nooks and crannies to explore. Whether you are searching for a new study spot or a place to hang out with friends, BC extends far beyond its main campus, including Newton Campus and Brighton Campus. Moreover, in order to make the most of your senior year, you should strive to visit new places on campus that you have never been to before—whether it be the fifth floor of O’Neill, the law library on Newton, Stuart Dining Hall, or your own building’s lounge, you may just be surprised to find your new favorite place.

Give Back to the Local Communities

As the Chestnut Hill community has given us so much in our past three years at BC, it would only be fitting to celebrate the “Men and Women for Others” spirit by giving back. One way to go about this would be through giving your patronage to local businesses. Restaurants such as Crazy Dough’s Pizza, El Pelón Taquería , Pino’s Pizza, Amelia’s Taqueria, and Cityside Tavern are just a few minutes away. You can also go the more traditional route and volunteer your time back to the community. Volunteer opportunities are available at BC through the Volunteer & Service Learning Center where you can find the most up-to-date events.

Visit Your Former Professors

The best way to wrap up your education at BC is to give thanks to all the faculty and staff that contributed to your learning and success over the years. Whether you built a rapport with your freshman year Perspectives professor or took multiple classes with a major-specific professor, any faculty member would appreciate an email or visit from an old student. This provides an opportunity for you to show how their commitment to teaching contributed to your academic success and interest throughout your time at BC. At the end of the day, it’s all about the learning, right?

September 29, 2022