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BC Administrators Reprimand Student Behavior at Red Bandanna Football Game

Boston College administrators sent an email to students on Friday reprimanding their conduct at the Red Bandanna football game on Oct. 8.

“We write to express our disappointment with some of our students’ behavior at the Red Bandana football game this past weekend, including disrespectful treatment of visiting fans on our campus,” the email reads. 

The Red Bandana Game is an annual home game where BC football players wear special uniforms and fans sport red bandanas in honor of Welles Crowther, the “man in the red bandana” who saved up to 18 people during the Sept. 11 attacks. 

The email from Shawna Cooper Whitehead, vice president for Student Affairs, and Corey Kelly, associate vice president and Dean of Students, said BC received complaints about student behavior at the game that “negatively impacted” community members and visitors. 

Cooper Whitehead and Kelly reminded students to be safe and respectful of others and to adhere to the Student Code of Conduct.

“We hope that as BC students, you choose to hold one another accountable and uphold our community values of caring for and serving others and the community, consistent with our Jesuit, Catholic heritage,” the email reads. 

Cooper Whitehead and Kelly said they will continue to communicate about expectations for student conduct at games in the future. 

“We will be reaching out in various ways to reiterate expectations in the coming weeks, and we welcome your partnership in cultivating a positive game day experience for all,” the email reads.

October 14, 2022