BC Law Grad, Former CNN Legal Analyst Starts The Mel Robbins Podcast

Former CNN legal analyst and Boston College Law graduate Mel Robbins started her own podcast on Oct. 6—a podcast she said is unlike any other.

“If this podcast is anything, it’s deeply personal,” Robbins, BC Law ’94, said. “It has to be. I’m sharing my secrets to creating a better life and giving a behind-the-scenes look at my life to prove that if I can do it, So can you.”

Robbins, a New York Times best-selling author, motivational speaker, and founder of 143 Studios, Inc.—a media production company—has released the first four episodes of her new podcast, The Mel Robbins Podcast.

In her podcast, Robbins talks to experts on various topics including anxiety, relationships, and narcissism to share “science-backed tools” and inspire listeners to lead better lives.

“This podcast is totally different because it’s all about real life,” Robbins said. “It’s unpolished, real-time ups and downs.”

Chloe Atha, CSOM ’25, said she first learned about The Mel Robbins Podcast on TikTok. She had never heard of Robbins before, but saved the video so she could listen to the podcast on walks.

The podcast provides more motivational advice and practical steps to move forward in life than other podcasts, according to Atha.

“It was really cool,” she said. “She just talked to her family about being a better person, trying to pick yourself up. … It was kind of like how to get yourself forward in life when you’re kind of in a slump.”

Robbins said she is excited to share her life experiences and hear from her listeners. There will be no off-the-table subjects, she said, and even her kids will participate in the podcast occasionally.

“You’ll get to meet my kids as they start navigating the real world, including relationships and dreams and careers and all of it,” Robbins said.

Robbins’ conversation with her daughter in the second episode stuck with Atha. The two talked about crushes, Atha said, and what it takes to get over them and prioritize yourself.

“It was cool because it’s like her family, like her kids,” Atha said. “And that’s a new aspect—I’ve never heard a podcast like that. That was a really cool aspect.”

Robbins said she has wanted to start a podcast for the past eight years as they have grown increasingly popular. Eighteen months ago, she began chipping away at her dream of a podcast, hoping to build a connection with her listeners and make her content widely accessible.

“I love that podcasts are free and accessible to almost anyone,” she said. “That’s important to me.”

As the host of her podcast, a best-selling author, and a motivational speaker, Robbins said she is astonished by where she is today. She credits BC Law for many of the skills she uses as an author and speaker.

“Being a lawyer taught me how to be a bold speaker, and it taught me how to look at arguments from both sides, which gives me a broader perspective on almost any topic,” Robbins said. “At any point in my career now, I’m calling on my BC Law skills.”

Through The Mel Robbins Podcast, Robbins said she wants to help people lead better lives, whatever that looks like for them.

“I want anyone reading this who wants a better life – better relationships, career, more success, a happier home life … whatever you want can be yours,” she said. “I am living proof.”

October 16, 2022