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UHS Adds Pharmacy Option With Delivery Service

Boston College students can now get medication delivered to their doors with Capsule—a pharmacy that provides delivery service.

“It kind of worked almost like Uber Eats,” Olivia Dawley, MCAS ’25, said. “I just gave my address and my information and then set up a delivery time.” 

University Health Services (UHS) added Capsule as a pharmacy option for students this spring, according to Director of UHS Doug Comeau. Capsule can deliver any over-the-counter or prescription medication, including medications prescribed by UHS, directly to a student’s place of residence. 

“While we have multiple pharmacies on the periphery of the campus, Capsule’s delivery option allows a student, if desired, to not leave campus to fill a prescription,” Comeau said.

According to Comeau, students who choose Capsule as their pharmacy option will receive a text message when their prescription is ready. After verifying insurance information, students will select a two-hour window and location for delivery, Comeau said, similar to Uber Eats.

Comeau said someone has to pick up the prescription directly from Capsule when it arrives, so there is no option to leave medication unattended at an address.

Student feedback for Capsule has been great, according to Comeau.

Using Capsule was “super easy,” according to Dawley. At the end of the spring semester, Dawley went to UHS for a bad cough and was prescribed medicine, which she said Capsule delivered to her.

“I would get text updates … when I would be getting it just to make sure that I was there to pick it up,” she said.

Caroline Sloan, MCAS ’24, said she decided to use Capsule when UHS prescribed her antibiotics earlier this week. Sloan said she was initially wary of using Capsule because she was unfamiliar with the service, but it proved to be convenient and its customer service was very helpful.

“It went really smoothly,” Sloan said. “I think the company itself is really well made.”

Both Sloan and Dawley said they previously had no idea Capsule was an option available to them or other students.

“I feel like you would probably only know about it if you’ve done it before,” Dawley said.

Though she has only used Capsule once, Dawley said she would definitely use it again.

“It’s a lot more convenient than trying to figure out how to get to a CVS or a pharmacy nearby,” she said.

Sloan also said she would use Capsule again to get prescriptions from UHS.

“I think that it was a really easy and great way to get my medication,” she said. “I live off campus so it’s nice to have it delivered. I would totally use that again.”

October 20, 2022