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iEdit: Julia Remick Makes a Balancing Act Look Easy to the Tune of Indie Rock Jams

When I signed up to write Julia Remick’s iEdit, I went in with a genuine curiosity of what comprises the Heights digital director’s music taste. She’s a multi-talented tap dancer and angelic University Chorale vocalist, and she always seems to be on top of her game. I wanted to know: How does she do it? And what’s the music that makes up the soundtrack to it all?

With an inviting opening guitar chord, “Fresh Squeezed” by Duncan Fellows starts off the playlist of mostly upbeat indie rock and rock tracks. The singer celebrates the energizing feeling of waking up for a new day and possibilities. The selection is a friendly reminder to appreciate every day, even during midterm season. 

Julia isn’t afraid to show her allegiances for certain artists by giving them more than one of the 10 hallowed spots on her iEdit. The indie rock band Hippo Campus pops up twice on the playlist, and the American rock group Young the Giant appears three times. 

But, despite the repeated appearances, Julia gives us a taste of Young the Giant’s sonic and musical range. “Mind Over Matter” by Young the Giant is a soaring, emotional rock song, while “Repeat” is more mellow, taking a step back to reflect on the patterns of life and a desire for love. They’re songs that you could easily have on in the background, but when you sit back to listen to the lyrics you’ll find a bit of worldly wisdom. 

When the opening piano notes of “Vienna” trickled in through my headphones, Billy Joel’s dramatic ballad reminded me of Julia’s proclivity for the stage. I feel like I’ve always vibed with Julia as a fellow introvert, but she doesn’t shy away from a performance as a member of University Chorale and BC On Tap. The track by Joel is also a nod to Julia’s home of Long Island, N.Y., where the music icon grew up. 

The twinkling sound of Joel’s piano keys blends smoothly into Halsey’s lullaby “Darling.” It’s a cozy and comforting cushion in the center of the playlist. It reminds me of the conversations I have with Julia before our English class when I bombard her with my usually random reflections that have come to my mind during a busy day of classes. 

As both an English and economics major, an introvert and a performer, Julia is a woman of contradictions.

But she carries it all seamlessly, just as her iEdit harmoniously pulls together the wandering guitar riffs and makes-me-want-to-take-a-walk-in-the-woods energy of these indie rock songs. 

“Way It Goes” by Hippo Campus closes out Julia’s playlist, an immaculate soundtrack for the twists and turns of life. It’s the kind of ending I’d expect from someone who is always a reliably friendly person to talk to even when her to-do list must be teeming with school, The Heights, and creative tasks. She’s the kind of person who is quietly and humbly one of the most impressive people I’ve met at Boston College. 

October 25, 2022