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Oxford: Up-and-Coming Halloween Costume Trends to Watch out for This Year

For many college students, the weeks leading up to Halloween are filled with mindless browsing through TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest hoping to find the perfect, not-too-basic costume. Over the past few years, countless versions of fairies, aliens, and space cowboys have come and gone, but this year, I predict those glitter-covered costumes will be less popular. 

A trendy costume is one that is fashionable and up-to-date with what is circulating in the world of social media. But it’s always a concern that a trendy ’fit might stray into the realm of being “basic.” A basic costume on the other hand, is what we all try to avoid—nobody wants to walk into a party and see 10 other people wearing the same thing.

Here are my predictions for which costumes we’ll see bopping around mod parties and squeezing into Walsh Hall eight-man suites this weekend. 

Classic Costumes Will Make a Comeback

I’d guess that this will be the year that the popular costumes finally break away from glitter, tutus, and metallic shorts, but instead transition back to more classic costumes. Witches, pirates, vampires, devils, and angels will make a reappearance. Whether these costumes were purchased at Spirit Halloween or handmade, they’re all timeless options. 

I see classics making a comeback this year because I see the same trends repeating on both TikTok and Pinterest in recent months. People feel less of an urge to be something new and different because no matter how original you think you are, someone on the internet has probably already done it.   

From Fighter Pilots to Minions, the Movies Will Act as Inspiration

Like every year, dressing up like your favorite movie characters from this year will be a popular costume, and there are plenty of options to choose from. After Top Gun: Maverick topped the 2022 charts, an army-green jumpsuit and your favorite pair of aviator sunglasses can bring together an easy costume for anybody. I also anticipate seeing many different versions of Vector and yellow Minions conquering our campus behind their fearless leader Gru following the new movie Minions: The Rise of Gru

Since classic costumes will be a more popular choice this year, classic movie characters will also be a fan favorite. Hocus Pocus, an iconic Halloween movie, will also make a reappearance on the costume scene this year. Who wouldn’t want to embody a witchy Bette Midler for an evening? 

If you’re trying to pull together an outfit at the last minute, don’t be surprised if costumes of timeless superheroes—including Spider-Man, Batman, and Wonder Woman—are out of stock. There’s no doubt that these will be popular costumes this year. 

TV Shows Will Air Ideas for Partner Costumes

If you were at all on social media or alive at the beginning of 2022, you probably heard talk of the popular TV show Euphoria, which came out with its second season in January. This year, I’d imagine we’ll see many people creating costumes inspired by their favorite characters. A common partner costume will likely be the tumultuous, best-friends-to-enemies duo of Cassie and Maddy. 

You should also look out for Max and Eddie—two popular characters in the newest season of Stranger Things

On the more classic side, a TV show that is regenerating this year for a popular group costume is the mystery-solving gang in Scooby-Doo. Fred, Velma, Daphne, Shaggy, and, of course, Scooby will be working together to solve mysteries this spooky season. 

Another favored group costume will be from the ’90s hit show Friends. Some people will rock low-rise jeans—which have returned as a trend—and baby tees, while others will don unbuttoned shirts and simple white T-shirts underneath

Celebrities’ Staple Style Will Stand Out

In light of Harry Styles transforming pop culture over the last few years, it’s likely that many people will draw from his colorful and funky wardrobe for their own costumes. Other Styles fans might dress as a character from his recent movie Don’t Worry Darling
With the drop of Taylor Swift’s newest album, Midnights, last week, I predict we’ll see many people channeling their inner Swiftie. With the music video that accompanies the new popular song “Anti-Hero, I expect to see people recreate Taylor’s outfit with short-sleeve sweater polos, some burnt-orange trousers, and pulled-back hair. Another option is to recreate any other costumes from Taylor’s older classic music videos such as “You Belong With Me” and “Fearless.” 

October 27, 2022