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Sexual Chocolate Hosts Yet Another Fiery Night of Dance in Rookie Showcase

Hundreds of students flooded the Rat, wrapping around the main and side entrances of Lyons Hall to witness a fixture of the fall semester within Boston College’s dance culture: Rookie Showcase.

All-male step team Sexual Chocolate hosted the popular dance event on Saturday, spotlighting the newest members of each of BC’s 16 dance groups. The overwhelming audience that lined up outside of the venue while final preparations for the event came together demonstrated the BC community’s enthusiasm for dance.

“It’s safe to say that we’ve broken the attendance record for Rookie Showcase,” said Jared Brosnan, vice president of Sexual Chocolate and MCAS ’23.

Rookie Showcase displayed BC’s range of dance styles and talents, embodying different genres of the craft. The crowd stood in a constant state of exhilaration as each unique dance group took the stage. 

Keeping with tradition, Sexual Chocolate showed off its acting skills in a skit that stretched throughout the event. The dancers performed as a group of costumed friends, hitting the streets on Halloween for a night of trick-or-treating and demon slaying. 

The chaotic group of four find themselves at a loss when they open the door to a home in search of candy and one of them is sucked into a black hole of student loans and inflation. Two ghostbusters, and an unwelcomed Kanye West, promised to save their friend and ghost hunt along the way. After criticizing West for his recent problematic choices and statements, the group split up to look for answers in three skit acts.

BC On Tap started the night off strong with a riveting tribute to Harry Styles. The rookies were decked out in strawberry-covered button downs and tapped to the tune of Styles’ “Music for a Sushi Restaurant.” 

The Golden Eagles Dance Team then performed to a medley of Lady Gaga’s best hits, closing out with a kickline that stunned the crowd.

“C”apital Dance Ministry, established in 2020, swept the room with a calm energy in its first Rookie Showcase performance. The dancers imitated the beating of hearts with intricate hand movements to the sound of Christian pop music. 

Females Incorporating Sisterhood Through Step set a high bar with synchronized death drops, while Vida de Intensa Pasión performed effortless lifts and dips to the tune of Latin music. 

Boston College Dance Ensemble took a ballet and modern approach to Nelly’s “Hot in Herre,” combining pirouettes and twerking in a thrilling performance that left the audience begging for more.

UPrising Dance Crew’s vigorous hip-hop moves and glow in the dark makeup took inspiration from the horror movie The Purge. 

Next up, the tracks that framed Fuego del Corazón’s set ranged from salsa to reggaeton, spotlighting the versatility of Latin dance as the group’s talented rookies invigorated the crowd with an intimate yet spirited vivacity like none other.  

Phaymus Dance Entertainment hypnotized the audience, putting a hip-hop spin on some of TikTok’s most viral songs and dances, including Doja Cat’s “Vegas.” Green lighting quickly flooded the room as BC Irish Dance performed a traditional Irish step to Dropkick Murphys’ “I’m Shipping Up to Boston,” sending the crowd into a frenzy. 

AEROdynamiK Dance Crew’s dancers pretended to be members of famous bands with non-rookie members acting as crazed fans in front of the stage. The rookies of Synergy Hip Hop Dance Company pulled out all the stops, donning neon green ski masks and leaving the entire room screaming as they moved in and out of formation to “Clout” by Offset featuring Cardi B.

The Dance Organization of BC matched the previous groups’ energy, spotlighting each rookie and implementing vogue-like hand movements to Jennifer Lopez’s “Dance Again” featuring Pitbull. Masti followed with an exhilarating set that blended Bollywood and pop music with dance. Gasps echoed throughout the room when one member pretended to fall to the ground and twerked to a Bollywood beat.

In the final stretch, Presenting Africa To U stole the show with intense drive and stamina as the rookies moved in backward bends into a large circle, the dancers adorned with traditional African patterns and makeup. 

Following a similar structure, Sexual Chocolate closed out the show with invigorating step movements that rang true to its name, throwing confetti to their cheering fans to close out the night.

October 30, 2022