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UPDATE: Man Arrested After Series of “Peeping Tom” Incidents Near Off-Campus Housing

The Boston Police Department (BPD) arrested Oqueli Pascual-Hernadez on Saturday morning in connection with a series of “peeping Tom” incidents near off-campus student houses, according to a BPD police report.

“The behavior had caused obvious alarm, fear and concern in and around Boston College,” the BPD report reads.

Officers detained Pascual-Hernadez, 33, after responding to a call about a suspicious person around Strathmore Road and Lothian Road at around 10:20 p.m. on Oct. 29, police said.

A BPD report states that victims at Braemore Road recognized the suspect from previous incidents and left their house. They returned 20 minutes later to find the man still standing outside their residence. According to the report, the victims called 9-1-1, and a witness chased the suspect on foot before police detained him. 

BPD said officers learned Pascual-Hernadez was wanted on an outstanding default warrant from Brighton District Court on a charge of felony breaking and entering on Egremont Road following a prior incident. 

Pascual-Hernadez will now also be charged with criminal harassment, disorderly conduct—“peeping Tom”—and trespassing for several incidents that occurred in the Braemore Road–area of Brighton, according to police.

BPD D-14 detectives investigated up to eight incidents between Oct. 2 and Oct. 29 potentially connected to a male repeatedly looking into windows, according to the BPD police report.

The first of these incidents took place on Oct. 2, when the male was reported for peering into a bedroom window from the front porch of a house on Braemore Road.

The male was then spotted five separate times around the Braemore Road residence on Oct. 15 between 7:30 p.m. and midnight, according to the report. He was spotted looking into windows from the sidewalk and street three separate times. He was also spotted standing outside the residence twice.

“The suspect committed this conduct willfully,” the report reads. “His conduct did cause a reasonable person to suffer substantial emotional distress.”

Around the same time, BPD initiated investigations after reports of “peeping Toms” on Kelton Street and Kilsyth Road, as well as reports of a masked male on Kirkwood Road.

Boston College students spotted a masked individual lurking outside off-campus houses after an attempted break-in had occurred on Oct. 13. BPD could not confirm whether the Oct. 29 arrest is connected to these incidents, as the investigations are still ongoing for incidents reported on Corey Road, Kelton Street, and Kirkwood Road.

“The circumstances of those events are still under investigation,” the report reads.

After officers arrested Pascual-Hernadez on Oct. 29, they spoke with a student from the Braemore Road residence who said she and her roommates have not felt safe since this ordeal began.

“[They] have changed their habits for safety reasons,” the report reads.” They rarely walk anywhere fearing an encounter with this male. [The victim] explained how she is having a difficult time sleeping and focusing in school.”

October 31, 2022