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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Week of Nov. 6

Thumbs Up:

  • Google Calendar
    • If we had a dollar for every time Google Calendar saved us from a missed due date or forgotten appointment, we might actually have the funds to afford sushi at CoRo. The beloved workspace tool is simple—and definitely not underground—but November chaos grants appreciation for the simple things that make our lives easier. As basic as they might be, the notification reminders and color-coding of Google Calendar are a saving grace.
  • Walks in the Neighborhood
    • As much as Boston College students adore life on the Heights, sometimes an adventure outside of the BC Bubble is just what we need. And while everyone loves a good city trip with friends, calm walks through the neighborhood reminds us that a world outside of Merkert lecture halls and Bapst cubicles exists—and it’s just out of reach. So Eags, turn your phone off and soak up the suburban serenity on the edges of campus if your skin is crawling for an escape.


Thumbs Down:

  • The Colds that Never End
    • Here’s to the UHS nurses that treat masses of students who have been coming in with the same unrelenting and mysterious symptoms. We all expected the typical move-in illnesses to come and go, but now it seems like almost everyone has been faced with another wave of coughing fits and sniffly noses. Hopefully by the time Thanksgiving Break rolls around, the elusive cold-culprit leaves us alone and we don’t get our families sick, too.
  • Deus Ex Caffeina
    • Raise your hand if you have a coffee addiction! Yup, we’re looking at you—and practically every other student at BC, since most of us depend on caffeine to push through even a single class. While we’re no experts, we’re pretty sure it’s bad that you’re more likely to chat with a friend in line for cold brew than on the Quad. And maybe there’s solidarity in our coffee craze, but then again, maybe coffee shouldn’t be the very first thing we think of when we wake up.
November 6, 2022