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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Week of Nov. 13

Thumbs Up:

  • Class Friends
    • Not all friendships are one-size-fits-all. And, certainly, not all friendships have to be your ride-or-die. We count on certain people for the different experiences of life—from our most understanding confidants to partners-in-crime who hype us up to feel like the life of the party, a chill class friend is just as important. While the friendship doesn’t have to extend beyond a warm wave on campus or small talk about the weather, chill class friends bring us balance—and sometimes that’s all we need.
  • Controlled Costco Chaos
    • From midterm exam mayhem to midterm elections mayhem, the mood of the BC community entering the weekend was undeniably mixed for many. The doom and gloom subsided, however, for a brief moment in the BC men’s basketball game against Detroit Mercy when a video went viral of a BC fan admiring the Costco Card of another Eagle. While the intentions behind his wholesome wholesale demonstration are unknown, the word “rizz” has been thrown around.

Thumbs Down:

  • It’s Just Too Hot
    • Once upon a time, it was the middle of November, and BC students dreamt all through the night of last year’s Spring Break flings and scorching tans under the Miami sun, bracing for the cold winter. Then, the alarm blared, and the Northeast dwellers soon realized that it was freakishly warm outside—making them stuff the puffers and boots in the back of their closets once again. This weather feels more like a living nightmare (ahem, thank you climate change) than reality for those of us who enjoy the normal gloominess during this time of year.
  • Sunday Bus Schedules
    • Go-getters and procrastinators alike regularly plan on spending their “lazy” Sundays at Main Campus libraries, grinding the day away. The bus schedules on Sundays—coming around far less often than they do on weekday loops—make this difficult, though. Students waiting for these buses must sacrifice study time for scrolls through Instagram at the bus stop, and this Sunday bus schedule might be the only thing tying the Newton freshmen to off-campus juniors together.
November 13, 2022