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iEdit: Erin Shannon Designs a Playlist for Her Kindred Spirit

Over the past four months, I’ve discovered that news editor Erin Shannon and I are kindred spirits. 

I remember the first time I talked to Erin on a chilly February night during our freshman year. Though we didn’t really know each other at the time, as we walked down the Mac hallway casually chatting, I knew she was someone I wanted to be friends with. 

Honestly, I was intimidated by her. She seemed so calm and collected, which is something that freshman-year me was most definitely not. 

As Erin and I got to know each other better sophomore year, I realized that she wasn’t really that calm and collected either. She is probably the most chaotic person I know. From chugging peach snapple teas to our Wednesday cocktail nights to her inability to sleep more than five hours a night, Erin’s electric energy is something I have come to love. Now, I rely on her as one of my best friends, my fellow editor, and my roommate. 

After begging Erin to let me write her iEdit and harassing her to finish her playlist, I was ecstatic to find that not only did she include several of my favorite songs, but we also have extremely similar music tastes. 

With its alternative rock vibe and subtly sad lyrics, Briston Maroney’s “Freakin’ Out on the Interstate” is the perfect opener to Erin’s playlist. The raspy lead vocals with a rock twang made it an immediate add to my own Fall 2022 playlist. 

As I listened to this song next to Erin on the blue couch in our living room, I couldn’t help but get emotional. In January, I’ll be across the Atlantic from Erin while I study abroad in the Netherlands. Now, more than ever, I’m terrified to go, but Maroney’s lyrics provide a touching reminder. 

“Fear is just a part of love, and one thing I’ve found is love’s what you deserve,” Maroney sings. 

Erin and my friendship is these lyrics brought to life. We often talk about what it will be like being so far away from each other. Yet, I know in my heart that this fear just proves how strong our friendship is. 

Erin’s playlist stays surprisingly on theme with a series of alternative rock and indie songs. “Trouble” by Cage The Elephant and “No Rain” by Blind Melon are reminiscent of my middle and high school years and are wonderful additions to an already banging playlist. 

Diverting from her indie rock theme, “Rose Tattoo” by Dropkick Murphys and “Plastic Hearts” by Miley Cyrus show Erin’s chaotic personality. As someone who identifies as “culturally Irish Catholic” and allegedly had her first sip of Guinness at age 10, I am not surprised Erin snuck an Irish drinking song in her playlist. 

Erin wraps up her playlist with “A Good Song Never Dies” by Saint Motel, and I don’t think she could have chosen a more fitting last song. Just like a good song, the memories I have with Erin will never be forgotten. 

Erin is our cozy red brick house on Algonquin Road and sleepless nights editing Heights articles together wrapped up in blankets. She’s Downeast ciders, Trader Joe’s frozen meals, late-night walks home from campus, and the definition of organized chaos. 

I am eternally grateful that on that February night we walked down the Mac hallway together because it changed my life, and that’s not an exaggeration. So here’s to alternative rock songs, Taylor Swift, Erin’s friendship, and this playlist, which will travel with me wherever I go. 

November 20, 2022