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“We Put on Boots and Ran”: Flood Seeps Through Duchesne East Hallway

Tyler Murray donned a pair of boots and grabbed a garbage pail as he rushed into the flooding first-floor bathroom of Duchesne East on Tuesday night.

“We came out of our rooms and our RA asked us to help out, so we put on boots and ran [into the bathroom] and filled up garbage pails full of water, and we were just dumping them into the sink,” Murray, MCAS ’26, said. “But then they called someone and turned off the water.”

Jack Mackey, MCAS ’26, said he left his room to get dinner at around 5:30 p.m., but he saw his resident assistant (RA) leave the bathroom and ask for help cleaning up a flood that was spilling into the hallway.

“[Our RA] was mobilizing whoever was in the hall to come help him,” Mackey said. “So we all just went in there with rain boots on or whatever we had.”

Elizabeth Carey, the Duchesne West third-floor resident assistant (RA), said she hurried down to the first floor after receiving a message about a flood.

“The urinal is overflowing,” Carey said.

Carey said the first-floor RA called the Boston College Police Department and BC Facilities Management, which said they were on their way. 

Brandon Astreicher, CSOM ’26, said that water continuously poured out of the boys’ first-floor bathroom, seeping into the carpeted hallways and surrounding rooms.

“I opened my door and just saw water flowing out of the bathroom,” Astreicher said.

Murray and Mackey said the flooding spread through the first floor and trickled down into the basement laundry room below. 

The flooding lasted for about half an hour before Boston College’s Facilities Management shut the water off, the pair said. The bathroom was closed as facilities worked to solve the flooding and maintenance workers cleaned the water in the hallway, according to Murray.

Though water did flood into some rooms that were located closer to the bathroom, Murray and Mackey said their rooms did not flood.

“We’re actually pretty fine now that we’re down the hall,” Mackey said.

According to Murray and Mackey, the only issue they have experienced with the bathrooms this year is showers that don’t get hot enough, which they said is a rare occurrence.

Carey said that this was not the first incident of bathroom flooding in Duchesne, but the other incident was less severe.

“There was one time, one other toilet, but it was minor,” Carey said. “It wasn’t like this.” 

December 7, 2022