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Campus Cocktails: The Celebratory St-Germain Spritz

The end of 2022 marks the official end of my time as a Heights editor. After two years of the most amazing work and friendships, it will all come to an end. Leaving this newspaper means saying goodbye to the tight-knit community of editors that I am lucky enough to call some of my best friends.

When thinking about what cocktail I would make to celebrate the end of my time on The Heights, I wanted to create a beverage that I can make decades from now to remind me of these two fantastic years.

So, I aimed for a bittersweet taste profile—bittersweet is the perfect portmanteau to describe my adieu to The Heights. I opted for a slight twist on the classic St-Germain Spritz. The faint lemon flavor brings notes of bitter acidity, and the botanical elderflower liqueur adds sweet overtones. I also chose this cocktail as a nod to the time I will spend abroad in Paris next semester—St-Germain is a French liqueur. Its St-Germain base encourages me to look ahead, while the champagne reminds me I can also celebrate my time on The Heights.

My fellow Heights editors changed my life more than they probably recognize. So, I wanted to craft a cocktail that would serve as a toast to each and every one of them. With the Celebratory St-Germain Spritz in my hand, I raise my glass to The Heights.

For this cocktail, you’ll want to use a tall glass.


The Celebratory St-Germain Spritz


For one serving:

1.5 oz St-Germain

2 oz Champagne

2 oz soda water

Strip of lemon peel, for taste and garnish


  1. Put some ice in your glass and pour in the St-Germain.
  2. Add in the Champagne and soda water.
  3. With a spoon—preferably a bar spoon, if you have one—gently mix the beverage (you don’t want to reduce the carbonation of the champagne and soda water). You can stop mixing when the glass feels chilled.
  4. Take the strip of lemon peel and twist it over the glass. There are oils in the peel that add beautiful acidic nuances to the cocktail. You can also run the peel over the rim of your glass.
  5. Put the lemon peel into the beverage and serve. Enjoy!
December 9, 2022